Mexico WILL pay for a wall – Trump is right

Fine. Reopen the government without new budgetary funding for the wall, implement the policies stated in the op-ed as part of Trump’s campaign platform, and call us when you have the cash.

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Ha ha…I had just said the same thing on the article’s comments page!

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Certainly, the president has a habit of speaking imprecisely and not being familiar with the details of his campaign’s or administration’s policy proposals.

I mean…

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Yeah, I smiled/eyerolled at that one too.

“And she said it like it made perfect sense!”

I wonder what Ying Ma’s name is on this board.


Its only far leftists and the anti-President Trump bunch who keep harping on “the check” angle of Mexico paying for the wall and during the campaign the President did outline many ways that Mexico will end up “paying the price” for it. Mexico needs to take responsibility for being bad neighbors for decades, I’ve lost all tolerance for our southern neighbors as they are the reason we need a wall in the first place!

We have been put off by the DC Swamp and LIED to by Democrats since the Reagan years and President Trump is the only Republican President in decades who is standing firm on the issue.

I say we pay upfront for it and Mexico pays us back over time… with interest!!

That may very well be a logical proposal but isn’t that what the government says all about it’s programs “they wille eventually pay for themselves,.” Why is this different when it comes to prying money from American people?

Lol! Nope. We want fat donald to keep his promise and have Mexicans pay for the wall with a check or pesos.

Here’s video of Trump saying that Mexico could send us a check.

if voters didn’t get so emotional about specific things we wouldn’t be in this mess.

And tax cuts pay for themselves.

I guess when you’ve been conditioned for decades to believe empty promises, it makes it all the easier to fall for the next one.



One of those really big ones. Like on a 5x3 cardboard cut outs. Kinda nda like Trumps kids. 5x3

Wow. This level of credulousness is, well, I can’t even think of a word for it.

It’s like folks bought into a multi-level marketing scheme and were told about how much money they could make.

Now they’re being told that they have to buy all of their inventory up front at incredibly inflated prices and they are, bizarrely, and against their own self interest, ALL IN.


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Roxie -

Since border crossings are at a 20 year low - in other words, there is no crisis - let’s just put all of the policies in place so we can start accruing the necessary funds to pay for the wall. Save up (since there’s no rush) and build it when we have the money. You know, like we teach our kids to do.

How’s that sound?


Might as well say 'They can pay for it FIVE TIMES OVER!!!. I mean, if you are going to pretend, might as well go big, right?

Why not have the Trump organization put up the money – they’re a construction company – and then they can collect from Mexico, with interest. Besides, given their pattern of not paying contractors, they probably won’t have to pay much to get the wall built anyway.


Everybody wins! So much winning!,