Mexico interfering with our elections..?

We all know the Caravan people are entitled to take refuge in the fist county they cross the border too. In this case it’s Mexico. Mexico is letting them cross to come here about election time. Why isn’t that Mexico interfering in our elections? Not to mention their home countries.

And planning to cross our border illegally is a premeditated Crime. Too bad they don’t have the gumption to organize like this to make their country great, instead of running away…

Once again, there is no “safe third country” agreement with Mexico…

Doesn’t matter. Mexico should take them. The are not a poor country. The fact they are doing almost nothing and allowing and encouraging them to come here during election time is proof to me they are purposely interfering our elections.

Notice the left does not care …

I’ve been told repeatedly that foreign countries meddling in our elections is a big nothing burger.

(Not that this is actual meddling, but I digress)

This is effecting our election a zillion times more than Russian’s posting Jesus Boxing Hillary ads…

It’s sad, all those nations in Central America, and these people cannot find a one of them is worth living in? Maybe Trump needs to expand his views on which nations are ■■■■ holes.

I thought they were seeking asylum. Which is legal.

I haven’t seen those. Who wins?

It’s actually very sad. It’s the reason these people are seeking asylum.

In fact, since these people are so great we should be happy they are coming, Why is Mexico rejecting them?

There is no requirement that they even apply for asylum in Mexico. Are you suggesting Mexico should force them to apply for asylum in Mexico?

That’s because the media did not repeatedly show the ads the Russians were posting because if they had the entire rooskie meddling thing would be laughed off the air…

The media and dems still hide from the truth of it…

Yes… Aren’t we being forced to take them? Why do they have so much more power over their borders than we do?

America isn’t being forced to do anything.

We are not being forced to take them, we have agreed to evaluate their asylum claims per our international agreements and our own laws… Many of the claims will be rejected…

I don’t know why they keep coming back with that lie.

The big reason is that they refuse to fix their own countries, so they come to the US, and bring their baggage with them.

There might be a good a good reason for why some countries never seem to be able to function as a habitable place to live in. Just maybe,it’s because of their screwed up culture, traditions, politics, social behavior, etc… They come to the US, and bring that dysfunctional crap with them.

Is the USA supposed to be the dumping place for all the dysfunctional countries of the world? We take in a million people a year, are we supposed to be burdened with more, and more, and more?? When we have finally reached the breaking pint, and say “enough is enough,” it’s not because we are heartless people, it’s because we can only absorb so much from the dysfunctional ■■■■ holes in the world, before we end up becoming a little just like them each year.

So some people thousands of miles away are interfering more than Russians launching fake news and attempting to hack election infrastructure?

It must be fun to live in a world so completely devoid of rational thought.

I take it you approve of Trump calling himself a nationalist then?

“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”