Mexico has the variant rising

Well the southern border is still open for untested and unvacciinated illegal aliens streaming across and being transported across the nation through the Biden relocation program.

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Of course, Stumblin Joe will follow the science, Scientists warn travel, border bans not helpful in preventing spread of Omicron. He is good to leave illegal aliens alone while ■■■■■■■ with other travel.

people are so deluded it’s sad


Specially Stumbin Joe advisors.


“advisers” purely political hack jobs insider swampists.



Bro, you hit the nail on the head +10

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high praise from you

i take a humble bow.

So what happens when citizens from the countries under the travel ban show up at the Southern Border?

They come in because they are part of the illegal mass migration flow: Future voters

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So unequal treatment of the citizens of the banned countries.

I do not like it either.