Mexicans Want to Gat Up

Seems control is facilitating massacres. They too have a constitutional to arms,

Despite Mexico’s constitutional mandate, citizens are only allowed one handgun and up to nine long arms – all priced well above U.S. market value – provided they can show proof of belonging to a hunting or shooting club.

Sounds familiar.

Background checks can take more than six months. For most people, the high cost of guns and licenses, as well as travel to Mexico City, make gun ownership a luxury they can’t afford. A separate permit is required to carry a concealed weapon and, by most accounts, nearly impossible to obtain.

Again, familiar.

“Over past decades, the country has been going through a process of systematic disarmament – classic buyback schemes and anti-gun campaigns,” said Ed Calderon, a former Mexican federal law enforcement officer and cartel expert. “And in some places, there is absolutely no security, no police presence.”

Well damn

A lot of familiar refrains in that article.


Thread title translation for some?

Gat? It’s a Mickey Spillane term for a pistol.

Of course if you had read the OP instead of stalking me, you could have deduced that very easily.

It’s English.

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Didn’t realize replying to posts on an open board is stalking. But I’m guessing you were going for some fun slang about Mexican citizens and availability of firearms and the laws and rules in that sovereign country. I thought thread titles were supposed to be clear.

Now I’m a racist.

I didn’t say that. Not sure where you got that.

I quoted it for you.

You quoted a portion of my statement. What I said: “But I’m guessing you were going for some fun slang about Mexican citizens and availability of firearms and the laws and rules in that sovereign country. I thought thread titles were supposed to be clear.”

I quoted the portion where you imply I am a racist.

What forum is this thread in? What is the OP about?

Why are you posting in it?

It’s in the politics section. I went into the thead to figure out exactly what the thread title meant. I understood. Not sure everyone understands what “Mexicans Wants to Gat Up” means. I found the article interesting. I’m fine with it being in the politics forum. But, the title definitely could have been clearer. Then you said I implied you were racist. Not sure where you’re getting that. I said I guessed you were trying for some fun slang about Mexico and their gun laws and their rules. Then you pulled the race card.

It’s in the 2nd Amendment Section.

A discussion forum for anything pertaining to the second amendment, gun crimes, and gun enthusiasts.

I don’t know what kind of attention you are so desperately seeking from me. I acknowledge that you need it, but I am unwilling to give it to you.

Enough “clever” from you for today. Now you’ve got a decision to make.

The last government teamed up with the cartels to repress their own citizens. It’s one of the reasons the leftist won.

Responsible gun ownership should be the standard IMO. Background checks and no gun loophole.

Returning to the topic at hand: Despite having a constitutional right, the good citizens of Mexico have been thrown to the wolves by their authoritarian government which wants to keep a monopoly. It used regulatory requirements and the bureaucracy to do it.

Selling 38 guns a day, bear permit not included, if you belong to a club, allows the authoritarians to deny they are violating citizen’s rights.

Many of these same regulatory tricks have been tried and advocated here, and not just with arms.

This is a glimpse.


Maybe the Harris Administration will renstate Fast and Furious and start sending American “weapons of war” to the Mexican cartels again

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I believe we are already the main supplier of guns to Mexico without any government involvement.

Yep. Mexico’s gun laws are like looking at the lib’s wish list for America.


What do you mean by “we” and “without government involvement”? The US government is the primary source of weapons supplied to Mexican National Police … a large number of which end up in the hands of the Cartels.

Not for me. One gun store seems crazy. I definitely don’t want them to be only sold by the government. When I’m in North Carolina visiting family it pisses me off when I have to buy alcohol from the ABC store. Just background check, registered and waiting period. And certain reasonable limits on kinds of guns. Those aren’t crazy Nazis take all the guns away reforms.

The one government run gun store in the country is not on the lib wish list (yet,) but pretty much everything else there is. And the key word they use to justify it is the same one you used … “reasonable.”

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The article is a slight variation on many articles about this topic over the years. I was looking and they’re all almost the exact same article. This is just Fox’s version from today. But the other articles, that are almost identical, have it that 70% of the confiscated guns in Mexico were bought in the US. Here’s CBS’s article from four years ago:

This quote:

“Mexico’s lone gun store sold 52,147 firearms in 2009-14, a figure dwarfed by the black market trade that’s largely fueled by illegal American imports. Mexican law bars guns from entering without an “extraordinary import authorization,” but enforcement is spotty: 73,684 of the 104,850 guns confiscated in Mexico during the same period were traced to the U.S., according to the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.”