Mexicans in Tijuana protest caravan of illegals as invaders. Are they racists?


And that doesn’t change one thing about my post. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Thank you for the belly laugh.

And in case you still have trouble understand it, I knew that when I wrote that post.

Try reading the first sentence in that post 100 times or so until it sinks in.

It makes it not racism.

There is nothing going on there that possibly supports this ridiculous statement.

lol - You really can’t think outside the box, can you.

You don’t think any of those people protesting could have racists opinions? Like their race is superior to another race? Really dude?

It’s like your stuck in the mud… Well if the protest aren’t based on racism then none of the protesters can also be racists.

Oh wait… You’re one of those guys that believes there are no more racists in the world, aren’t you?

Here, try reading it 500 times if 100 didn’t work.

"My post doesn’t imply at all that their protest is motivated by racism, does it. "

Are they racists? Dunno

Is there racism in Mexico against the indigenous absolutely

Judicial Watch says that the mainstream media has been duping the general public about the makeup of the caravan. They state that it’s over 90% males and NOT women and children as is being portrayed. They go into great depth and is worth hearing if you care about the truth?

It’s not often that a thread so readily exposes the liberal wont of romanticizing down others in order to get their white knight on.

Good thread.

lol - “The caravan has degraded US security and degraded US sovereignty”. How is that again?

It’s more fun to demonize then romanticize anyways…


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Deflection noted.

I’m just ribbing ya…geez

I’ve been listening to different shows on the radio and they have made this point as well. I’ve heard 80 to 90percent young men, which tends to refute the notion of seeking asylum.

You mean the majority of Americans that gave you your freedom and protect your freedom?

Soros and the Democrats put the American people in danger with there invasion what did you think would happen.

I know of one man who thought this…he sent Soros a bomb and is now in jail…

why males can’t seek Asylum for some reason?

You know someone once though Soros was funding this caravan too, he ended up killing 11 Jews and is currently looking at the death penalty.

You people are so clueless, Soros has been funding it since May.