Message to Nancy peolosi: What this country needs is a 2019 version of the Covode committee

corruption has reached record levels in the United states under this administration.

Time to get with the program, Nancy.


This one can be the Covfefe Committee.


That would be COVFEFE.

Select COmmittee to Verify Financial & Ethics of Federal Electees.


LOL. exactly.


it has to come to something like that. Trump has done the mafia thing.

Go Ahead Dems…start the impeachment process.

It will only make Trump stronger…particularly against your large field of mostly lightweights!!



He won’t be facing the entire field of dems just one, Biden.


I think Biden would have beaten Trump in 2016 but the Dem leaders were insistent that Clinton be their candidate.

I think the Democrat support for Joe will be diluted on many others and each little group will be p***** when their man/woman is overlooked.

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I will be like when Trump won in 2016. He got a third of the vote in the early primaries and his percentages increased as Candidates dropped out.

It will be a similar case for Biden. the big kaunas are Sanders and Warren. Once they drop it will be a clear path to the nomination for Joe.


I heard a WWII bomber pilot say that as you’re approaching the absolute enemy target, the increase of flak…is confirmation.

…drip, drip, drip…

Thats almost word for word of what President Buchanan said in 1860. LOL


Yeah…I know. Did you ever hear about the Wright brothers in 1903?

Might have. what does the wright brothers have to do with Presidential Impeachment.


Swoooosh…it has more to do with a potential quote from a prez in 1860? :sunglasses:

That’s why democrats are happy having Pelosi in charge during this administration. It’s obvious that she’s not gonna rush into anything and is going to get all ducks in a row before impeachment.

The critical piece is his money trail and who he is indebted to in Russia and other countries. Then we’re going to find out if that is why he is playing footsies with North Korea and Russia while trashing many of our allies that are important to global security (along with trashing our own intelligence community of course).

As I posted this is gonna be death by a thousand cuts. The Mueller report is the hub of everything.

And once Trump leaves office he will then be indicted of crimes found along the way.

Not even close. Both Buchanan and Trump (the two worst Presidents in history) are facing impeachment inquiries.

and all of your blustering wont change that.


All lib blustering will not change the course of the investigation into the most egregious government acts of collusion in our nation’s history. This fake yell for impeachment is nothing more than guilty pigs squealing who are about to be slaughtered for their high crimes.

Nancy will not likely form a committee to explore the corruption in her own wayward corrupt party

A previous speaker (Boehner…maybe) said the Speaker of The House job is like herding cats.

Nancy is shown to be pretty effective, but she has a lot of Krazy Kats and they’re getting Krazier by the day.

Don’t know if she’s up to it. I think she is meeting with them today to try and settle them.


she’s experienced, a bulldog and won’t be intimidated.

that’s kryptonite to a con man who can’t get a loan.