MERKEL’S MESS: Germany’s Leadership Hangs in the Balance Over Refugee Policy | Sean Hannity

The political future of German Chancellor Angela Merkel hangs in the balance this week, with her coalition government facing an imminent “collapse” over their unpopular and controversial immigration and asylum policies.

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I was stationed in Germany 1963-65—loved the country and the people—cleanest country in the world—now with the Husseinite type immigration policy the country is in rins. FAST FORWARD----i visited San Fran from 1970-2010–st. francis hotel/scomas to eat/art/parks. NOW WITH THE HUSSEINITE TYPE IMMIGRATION POLICY THE CITY IS IN RUINS. do you see a clue here???

Liberals are incapable of accepting the fact that their bad policies are destructive. They still don’t understand the proverb, “one bad apple spoils the barrel”. Germany and the EU are a perfect example of this.

The goal of these foreign interlopers is to destroy German culture and she is aiding and abetting said destruction. Pathetic. Was stationed in Germany from '72-'74 and can’t imagine the mess she has wrought.