MERKEL’S MESS: German Government ‘FACING COLLAPSE’ Over Immigration Policy | Sean Hannity

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government is facing an imminent “collapse” over her coalition’s unpopular stance on immigration and asylum seekers pouring into the European Union.

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we watch what is happening to other countries and do nothing??? WE NEED TO WITHHOLD 100% OF ANY FUNDS FROM COUNTRIES WHO HAVE ILLEGALS LEAVING THEIR COUNTRY AND COMING TO AMERICA ILLEGALLY. 2. we need t o set up camps in mexico for all mexican illegals.

Angel Merkel took the opportunity presented by the United Nations to open her borders to the hordes of unvetted Muslim refugees as a means to resonate her place among the world powers and demonstrate her ideas far surpassed those who opposed the idea. Without prudent intelligence and venting, Merkel (Whore of Islam) flooded not only her country, but member nations to the unarmed invasion of a people determined to overpower all other people and cultures and bring them into the fold of Islam (World domination). Merkel sacrificed the will of her people in order to appease the United Nations whose controlling councils are manned by a majority of Muslim who contribute immensely financially to other programs within the UN. Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates. A question which should have been presented to the UN by member nations should have been: How many of their fellow Muslims has the aforementioned taken in? You know how many? NONE!!! Then why the hell is anyone else obligated? I mean they have religion, customs, food, clothing and much more in common. The problem is those countries are afraid of rebellion, or war within their border of different tribes and the fear of losing complete power. You want the world to accept these primitives, first demonstrate to the world “Your” humanity and willingness to aid “Your” brother’s, then in time the world will follow. Merkel deserves everything she’s getting from her protected Muslim horde. A year or two Germany will no longer be European, it will be the cesspool of Islamic domination. The people of Germany must rise up before its to late in order to save your culture and way of life, otherwise, start speaking Arabic and convert to Islam.

Genberetvet, Very good advice but I think few will take it. We are at war, but the idealistic fools have and probably will never figure it out.

This comment made earlier was censored by the FACEBOOK SS governed and sanctioned by Gestapo Chief Mark Zuckerberg. I was restricted from using Facebook for thirty days for this same comment. I say this was suppression of my 2d Amendment rights. As long as Liberal Democratic Socialists like Zuckerberg can monitor and censor free speech, the truth is never going to reach the common man.