MERKEL’S MESS: German Chancellor Has 2 WEEK DEADLINE to Address Migrant Crisis | Sean Hannity

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has a two-week window to solve her nation’s escalating migrant crisis or her coalition government could be “destroyed,” reports CBS News.

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Huge scandal has been revealed last days: The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees granted Asylum to lots of criminals, mass murders, rapists, drug dealers from Africa and The Middle East last years. The justification was that if they would be rejected, then they would be killed or suffer very harsh punishments like torture in their home lands, most of them having the death penatly.

In that article from December 2014 it is reported that the countries of Northern Africa get rid of their criminals and psychopats unsing the refugee wave to Europe.
The brisance is in the last section - the German ambassador in Tunesia informed the government in Berlin about that, but he was whislted back and threatened to be transfered to the State Department if he doesnt keep his mouth…