Men begining to dominate women's sports


I hope nobody. As long as the vast majority of people stand up and say that it is wrong to boot a woman off of a women’s team and replace her with a man. If it is allowed in international competition, it could be allowed here. That would be tragic. As for who would allow it? I’m guessing the commissioner of what ever sport it involves, the NCAA or the US Olympic committee. I’m guessing that they will be pressured eventually. We’ll see. I hope I’m wrong.


Not really. America was founded on freedom. But it took us a while to include everybody.


I think it is incredibly ironic that the NFL is doing everything it can do to reduce concussions. But the goal of MMA is to deliver concussions. It is barbaric.


Correct. It will be the various governing bodies that will decide who is allowed to participate. Whether it’s your local high school or the NFL. We’re really in uncharted territory here. People are trying to figure out what makes sense. What is fair and what is unfair. It’s not an easy answer.


Holy crap! I think we just agreed!


Yes MMA is a combat sport but the question is should it ever be allowed for a man to be in the same combat ring as a woman and beat the crap out of them because one day they decided they were born in the wrong body?

Men on average are naturally stronger than women, bigger bone structure, muscle mass, hands. This is why in the past it was always considered bad to hit a lady. This is why we have different sport leagues for men and women, and it has worked well for the last 2000 years up until about six years ago.

This lovely gal has been crushing the competition in women’s weight lifting the girl to the left doesn’t seem to happy about it.


I’m guessing that the girl on the left is the rightful gold medal winner. One of my co-workers is a nationally ranked female weightlifter. A really great girl. I hope she never has to face this kind of injustice.


Because it is a legislated perversion of our legal system.


Exactly! We are going to let the dreams of hard working, incredibly talented girls to be crushed so this lunkhead can play? It’s obscene.


It’s not logical to allow this.

If it continues it will ultimately hurt the women of each sport out there.
This isn’t equality for them. The Libs are alienating their base votes.


You know how so many of the extreme homophobes turn out to be closeted gays? I’d be willing to bet that a huge amount of the extreme transphobes, including some of this thread, get turned on by trans porn but feel ashamed due to religious reasons so they manifest it with hanger and transphobia.


maybe woman should try harder.


This is definitely a factor. Some people are just hateful, however.


Right. It’s absurd to attribute it mostly to being in the closet about something.


Its quite fair to expect better sources than a faux journalist rag. You wouldnt get anything but an F in school if you cited Breitbart.


So according to you, we should only site left wing news? If this is your thought, and if there were a grade less than an F, you would get it.


You should cite a non-partisan news site like CNN, WaPo, NyTimes, none of which have a liberal bias in any way.