Men begining to dominate women's sports


It’s probably pretty dominating for the girl who got kicked off the team to make room for this lunkhead.


Last time I checked, Target doesn’t check your hormone levels.


:rofl: don’t worry about it Allan. Just have a nice day.


Oh, ok. Nevermind.


Turns out she greatly underestimated that percentage…


Well them you better start purging.


Transgender make up a tiny minority of the human population. How are they going to dominate any sport?


“Society” doesn’t have to accept anything. No one is forcing you to watch or participate in Australian handball.


Ask the girl who got kicked off the team to make way for this lunkhead.


Ask the people who faced Fallon Fox in the ring.


This is a serious fantasy for you.


I’m not the one that is talking about purging…your buddies libs are.


Are there seriously people here who believe there are men choosing to declare as women just so they can excel more at sports?

That sounds like a bad 80s-90s screwball comedy.


Using a “Man bites Dog” story to curry favor in a wedge issue already? Should save that for 2020…


They are serious.


No. That’s a strawman.


Then what are people complaining about?


Apparently you don’t care. You’ve already made up your mind about that.

The posts speak for themselves. They don’t need you spinning their words into your own strawman.


I have np if they compete upwards just not downwards. If a woman wants to shoot up steroids and fight men so be it. What I have a problem with are the men transitioning literally man handling women half there size. I also don’t see why if there is a demand for it they could not have there own league.

I just want to see less of this

imagine if you had a daughter and she didn’t get her sports scholarship because this person received it


Inequality in sports scholarships happens all the time…usually as an accident of when someone is born and entered the school system.

Why is it just this particular brand of inequality…which is FAR more rare than the kind I just mentioned…so concerning to you?