MELTDOWN: Cortez Claims Amazon Creating ‘Racially-Biased’ Software for ICE, Says She’s Not ‘Dumb’ | Sean Hannity

Democratic-Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez posted a lengthy rant on social media Tuesday following fierce criticism of her handling of New York City’s botched Amazon deal; suggesting the software giant was creating “racially-biased technology” for the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency.

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If they would have given OCrazyO an education before launching her into this charade of an attempt at political leadership it could have brought real change. She surely has a knack for speaking out and no fear of looking stupider than all the blond jokes ever told which is a bit like Trump who is also not afraid of looking like a fool though he is not one at all.

That’s a useful talent (courage to speak while looking stupid by design) but it has no force without the force of truth behind it. What a waste that OcrazyO has no real education. Could you imagine if she were to develop some critical thinking skills and enough perception to apply them what a force she could be for good? Sadly I’ve never heard her say one word about “truth”.

Even going the other way and saying “it’s better to be morally right than factual.” Which is itself a statement that reveals the ignorance of the writer rather than curing ignorance about truth. It’s impossible to be morally correct without truth.

Truth transcends facts as facts are always necessary in order to deceive. No deception can work if it’s not loaded up with a great collection of facts and truths to prop it up. But “truth” reveals the true context of all relevant facts and orders them into a complete picture that is always consistent with reality.

For example: How does Nancy OcraxyO not understand that businesses don’t just move wealth around they create it. She shipped billions of “wealth yet to be created” to another state because of her stupidity. So she tells all the young and stupid (who are not necessarily young) that the tax breaks she didn’t give to Amazon can be used like cash to buy other ■■■■■

I’m going to send the NY tax authority all of the discounts that I have never given to customers who did not purchase from me because I did not negotiate well or at all. That amounts to billions I’m sure. I hope when Nancy OcraxioO Cortex gets those billions that she uses it for the same things she’s using the 3 billion in tax discounts that she never gave them.

I’m even going to add a generous amount (at least 100.00) to the check I send her to be sure to also cover the NSF fee when the check doesn’t clear. Why? Because it’s same kind of money that Nancy OcraxyO got from Amazon when they did not accept her 3 bn discount.