MELTDOWN: Cortez BLASTS US ‘History’ of Racism, Slavery, Jim Crow, Pollution, Indigenous Peoples, MORE | Sean Hannity

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez viciously slammed America’s “history” of “racism” and “targeting indigenous peoples” Thursday after the Wall Street Journal accused the Democratic-Socialist of “taking pride” in her blatant ignorance.

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This garbage was obviously spewed by a staffer. You can ALWAYS tell when this idiot vomits up anything.

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Cortez needs to do her homework and stop running off at the mouth. Who voted for segregation in public schools ? not Republicans Who was involved in the KKK ? the Dems Who fought against ending slavery in the US ? not the Republicans, Abraham Lincoln thought the US fought the Civil War as a punishment for slavery. Who fought against the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the US Constitution - The Dems Who fought against the Civil Rights Act and ending discrimination in housing (1968) ? Not the Republicans
There is a very good reason people call the Democratic Party the slave party. If you do not accept this inform do your homework too, with facts and not opinion or lies.

Don’t forget that ,long before the English began sending colonists, the Spanish were slaughtering the native peoples in the Caribbean and the Spanish priests were enslaving the native tribes from California to Peru. The Spanish and Dutch brought the first slaves from Africa, provided by Arabs, to work their plantations in the Caribbean because most of the indigenous people were killed. The true facts of history need to be taught instead of just blaming everything on todays political opponents.

Speaking of slaughtering indigenous peoples it’s hard to cite a more striking and violent example than non other than AOC’s namesake conquistaor Hernán Cortés whose ships and men were ruthless in their war to defeat Montezuma’s Aztec people.

In comparison the early US settlers dealt with it’s native population in a much more civilized way.

It’s amazing what is NOT taught in our schools. Like, the majority of ships that brought slaves to the Americas were Dutch, most African slaves were sold to the Dutch by Arab slave traders or other African tribes, the Arabs are still engaged in the slave trade today and the first slaves in America, besides indigenous natives, were white people from Britain. The main difference with these slaves was that they could usually work their way to freedom eventually but they were still bought and sold like cattle.