MELTDOWN: Alec Baldwin Calls Trump America’s ‘CURSE’ For Slavery, Native Genocide, Vietnam | Sean Hannity

Actor Alec Baldwin escalated his all-out-war with President Trump Monday, viciously claiming the Commander-in-Chief was America’s “punishment” for “slavery, the slaughter of Native Americans, and Vietnam.”

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I am Japanese, and Baldwin’s lame attempt to remain relevant by inserting race in EVERY statement he makes is EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE. It is horrific and outrageous that he claims to have enough first person knowledge to make this latest comparison.

Thank you Abby for speaking out. Our country is not without sin but to use it’s failures as a political stunt like this diminishes those who truely have suffered. Hellywood never seems to get that.

Baldwin looked into a mirror and could not believe what he saw! Baldwin is the curse; he is the poster child of the Democratic Party- everything is race- it doesn’t matter how irrelevant or farfetched, it all returns to race! I have watched many discussions on TV where a Democrat was included- probably out of pity- and every thought, every sentence had a racial connotation. Again, their brains are not the same as the typical persons.

Baldwin is America’s punishment for the first amendment

Baldwin and others like him have completely lost their minds over President Trump. They have lost what little reasoning power they had and have gone off the deep end making their arguments worthless because of their insanity. But keep it up. The more you jump and holler the more you show your true colors.

Baldwin is a freeking LOON