Melania Trump's Red Christmas Trees Conjure 'Handmaid's Tale' For Twitter Users

Hypocrisy thy name is Trumpster.

I’m sure you were just as outraged about Obama being criticized for his mustard choice.

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Another hit piece article in the OP based on haters posting on twitter. Twitter may not be real news but its so much easier to cherry pick hate Trump twitter posts than it is to find real journalists with real stories.

There is surely a limit to how many hit pieces can be justified based on that comment that was apparently a joke about the old mustard commerical.
I’ve seen that to excuse posting so much garbage of recent.

From the HuffPo article:

“The blood red trees reminded many Twitter users of one thing: “The Handmaid’s Tale,” Hulu’s dystopian drama about a society that subjugates women.”

Seriously? Those red trees are about Melanias attempt to subjugate women? HuffPo and other left sites (notably Yahoo “News”) are using insane posts on twitter because they know they could not justify an opinion piece of their own saying that this was about subjugating women. And the Dems are buying it.

But it is true. Those red trees did start a Twitter conversation about The Handmaid’s Tale. What is incorrect about that? Do you Twitter?

It is not news. It is people gossiping. It does not belong in anything that passes off as news. Its like selecting absurd posts from this forum, of which there are many, and repeating them in a column, and calling it a news story.
Fox News, much attacked by the left, is not at the level of printing stories about right wing twitter posts that have been cherry picked out and calling that news. That is what HuffPo is.

It’s not my fault that right and left news outlets ALL make fluff pieces about what is going on on Twitter. It is what it is.

And libs complained about the complaints.

Yes it is. It is garbage. And I am not required to not call it out.

I’m not saying they don’t have the right to do it. Clearly they do.

Ecclesiastes 1:9

Do you TRULY believe that? Really?

And Republicans (Trump supporters) all gather in a big group hug, insulating Trump from the same criticisms they gave Obama.

May as well rage against People Magazine or The National Enquirer. Yes, Twitter is partly gossip.

Please reference where they said anything about this administration being above criticism. Especially when they just posted “Not a fan of the red trees personally,”

Doug didn’t address that.

I agree with Doug. ANYTHING can be found on Twitter. There are just as many twits about the stupidity of the handmaid twits, but our media distill out one characterization and try to spin that as “news”.

The NEWS is that there are insane posts out there. :roll_eyes:

The red trees are as ugly as all get-out, but are right in line with Donald Trump’s fascination with bright shiny primary colors. Imwonder sometimes if he’s partially color-blind- a fascination with primary colors is actually an indicator of that. How do I know? Because I’m partially color-blind…I use primary colors a lot because pastel shades drive me batty!

The rest of the decorations are gorgeous, save for some of the more austere ones…but that latter is just a matter of personal taste…I know people who love that kind of decoration.

The fact that the conversation goes there is just another example of Trump-derangement. People who said that should be embarrassed that their tweets are on the internet for all to see. Sadly they aren’t. It’s a shame, really.

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Those who say conservatives don’t understand humor should check out this thread. They would be proven wrong.

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Anyone remember the complete outrage Republicans and Fox News had over Obama’s xmas tree decorations?
Pepperidge farm remembers.

See, its different, as a poster told me. Obama had bad taste. And apparently his 2 terms were “lost years”. It didn’t really address what I said, but, meh.