Melania Trump in hospital for treatment of kidney condition

My prayers go out to her on a speedy recovery. Breaking news, so not a lot to go on here. But it seems she will be in the hospital for the entire week, so must be somewhat serious, even though it is being downplayed.

I hope she fully recovers. God bless.

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I wish her the best and hope she recovers quickly.

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Best wishes for a speed recovery.

Oh no…I hope she makes a swift recovery. Bless her heart…

Some additional information, for anyone interested…

Sounds like minimally invasive surgery used to treat fairly benign conditions. Nevertheless, hope she recovers quickly.

Yes. Agreed. Likely a cyst or something similar. But anytime a member of the First Family required a week-long hospitalization, it’s important, in my opinion. I also like setting aside politics on occasion to come together in agreement, which here is for well-wishes.

Any visit to the hospital sucks. Hope hers ends quickly.

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