Melania to Top National Security Deputy, "You're Fired!"

Yeah, like that’s something that needs to be reported on at least once a week.


That was well covered in the campaign, Smyrna.

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There’s probably some truth to that. I came by just now waiting for an auction to end at 4:00…which just did. Gotta go.

Then you must not be inclined to look. Being the case, you should stop complaining.

The language of self respect is completely foreign to her.

This should be fun:

Huh? There’s a statement from the office of the FLOTUS saying she should be removed. This is weird.

Why make all of this so public?

If your husband is about to fire a bunch of people why shouldn’t you get one pick?

Amazing how you can find the most insane conspiracy theories by the smallest two-bit hacks…but you can’t fund a postive story about Melania Trump.


She married a dirt bag

She knew he was a (rich)dirt bag

Now she’s being Mrs. (rich)Dritbag

If Michele Obama had done this cons and talk radio would be apoplectic.

First Lady’s have done this kind of thing before, Nancy Reagan got the Chief of Staff fired. Of course it’s usually been behind the scenes. Not a huge deal one way or the other.

Cat fight!

I didn’t read it. Did it say her shoulders are too muscular or not muscular enough?

You have to be a subscriber to the Smyrna Inquirer. It covers news that the MSM refuses to cover…for some reason.

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Hillary used to want them dead…not fired…but dead right? Isn’t that how the stories went?

Melania for President…



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Really. She’s already made one horrible decisssion.