Megachurch pastor cast out ‘demonic networks’ at the White House and said Trump is carrying out an ‘assignment’ from God

Now I see why she and Trump get along.

AND- she was schtupping Benny Hinn!!!

We have a president whose administration has separated thousands of moms from their kids, has no records so they can get the kids back to their moms and your talking about demons in the White House which is occupied by a serial adulterer who bullies weak Republican men.

On Sunday morning.

Like Jake and Elwood?

That is just a stupid statement. There are no demons at the White House.

Used to be my sig line on the old forum…because…Goldwater was right.

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Freed us to say Merry Christmas Again??? Wait did you stop saying it. I sure didn’t. And I didn’t need DJT to tell me it was ok.

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My mother actually said that while walking out of church on Christmas Eve right after the election.

It took an enormous amount of Will power to not say “Really?”

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Something that always puzzled me was who actually said we could not say “Happy Christmas” i was never told not to say it I suppose it was dreamt up by fear merchants

Oh boy…:grin:

There is a certain appeal within Religion that has to invent persecution when none exists.


Not now. They were thrown out. But as the good book says, "The evil spirit when it is cast out wanders dry places and after a while says, “I shall return.” And if it comes and finds it swept and clean and empty it enters again with seven more devils worse than itself. So we need to pray for the Holy Spirit to fill what Jesus has cleansed.

This has always been bothersome. There isn’t any Christian persecution in the United States. Anyone who say that I will continue to say, do a mission trip Sudan, Malaysia or even Mexico(yes that close)

American Christians were horribly persecuted under the Hussein Obama regime. Couldn’t say Merry Christmas without demonic SJW screaming that we weren’t being inclusive, television and movies were erasing all suggestion of Christian associations with the holiday and replacing them with other faiths or no faiths. The media gave a pass to every horrible thing Muslims did, and crucified Christians for the slightest offense. The Great Liberal Babylon Hollywood mocked and ridiculed the faith, and made poor Christians feel low and unwanted while celebrating deviant lifestyles. Why, I couldn’t even drive down the street with the IXOYE fish on the back of my car without someone saying something nasty and derisive. It was horrible, all because of my dearly held beliefs.

But no more! Our Holy Defender Donald Trump has freed us from our bondage and we may once more display and proudly testify to our faith without fear of repercussion! Donald is Christianity’s champion on earth, and so long as he holds power and we keep faith with him, our beliefs are safe! :us:


Look I was told here just this very weekend That I was a SJW. I have never screamed about anyone saying Merry Christmas…so I don’t know what you’re talking about.

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If their moms are their moms, and want to find them, I’m sure the government will help them hook back up with their kids. It’s also possible that their so-called moms and dads were not their real moms and dads, and now they have crossed the border into the US using borrowed kids, have no further interest in making contact.

I was personally attacked by a SJW mob in Lowe’s one night last December for buying a Santa Claus lawn display. They told me not to buy it because it didn’t light up as promised - a clear attack on my faith and it ruined my holiday! I had to leave the store in shame. Also, my best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend saw a man brutally mocked for buying Christmas Crunch ice cream at 31 Flavors the night right after that. So while your personal experience may not have seen these things I just provided two anecdotes that prove they did.


“Merry Christmas”…not even much of a saying before Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”. Before that, Christmas wasn’t much of a thing because…religion.

The best “Missions from God” involve a car chase with every LEO in Cook county Illinois

According to the Bible we are all serial killers. He / She who hates someone without cause has committed murder in his heart. Who are you suggesting is the perfect adequately sinless pietist who should replace Donald Trump? Alexa?

According to which bible? And as Americans, are we required to even care about that?