Megachurch pastor cast out ‘demonic networks’ at the White House and said Trump is carrying out an ‘assignment’ from God

Liberals are acting like a demonic presence at the White House is a good thing. Yes, let’s crucify Donald Trump for his desire to bring righteousness into the office that Barack Hussein Obama desecrated. One shouldn’t be surprised when they find demons in their office after they have the audacity to put their feet up on their desk. This is common sense.

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White evangelicals LOVE Donald, and rightly so. Yes, he sins like everyone else (not as much as Obama and Clinton and Democrats of course) but God is using Donald to do great work and keep America safe, just like he used that drunk Noah to save the righteous while punishing the wicked.

  • We can say Merry Christmas again
  • Christians in America no longer live in fear and worship in secret
  • Abortion is being outlawed across the land
  • Filthy sexual degenerates are being served notice that theirs is a deviant lifestyle
    ‐ Traditional marriage is being upheld by our POTUS shining example as a devoted husband and father
  • Judeo-Christian values are once more given pride of place in this, our most Christian nation as the Founding Father intended

Thank God for Donald! :us:


Err not this one

This thread is better than The Onion today…:laughing:

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As an admittedly VERY non-active Mormon, I am discouraged and disgusted by the avid support that my fellow Utah Mormons have given Trump.

Ha a CRC error or Cyclic redundancy check is one that comes up when data is to detect accidental changes to raw data. So teachings of Christ is raw data and people like trump Christians are data that got corrupted. This applies good use of CRC

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Recently I heard a interview with Jerry Falwell Jr… He said that Trump became a moral and ethical man when he became POTUS. Yeah right. It is simply amazing to me how so many people have been duped by this Con Man. I can only hope that very soon he will be exposed as the cheat and crook that he really is.

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A bunch of Republican men have no chance of stopping him and, in my opinion, almost look to him as a husband. A leader of a family if you will. They definitely appear to be married to him and his policies and his viciousness and his lawlessness.

Christian values
Family values
Law and order

Because? Why?

Not to get into a theological debate here (that’s more for the religion forum), but for a church that is a Bible believing church, they really need a pastor who actually teaches and lives by what the Bible says.

So, what is this pastor teaching and doing that is not what the Bible says?

So true. I despise the prosperity gospel movement which is just some con man saying give to me and you too will find wealth.

Millions of decent people are suckered every day because these ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ take advantage of their beliefs and a desire to improve their lives.

It’s a miracle!

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Wasn’t there something about the “moneychangers” in the Bible?

It might be in Two Corinthians.

Paula White is a heretical false prophet who butchers scripture every chance she get.

The Donald better check his so-called salvation status because I seriously doubt Ms. White led him down Romans Road.

No worries. He’ll make a “deal” with God on his death bed.

As ALL genuine conversions to Christ are.

Could you be more specific?

I really hate the idea that crazy ■■■■ like casting out demons is going on in the WH. It’s wrong. Trump is really craven.

You would rather have demons remain in the White House?