Media Turmoil Equals Trump Win

4D Chess …

True, plenty of time for more incompetence which will inevitably lead to another OIG report about how bad they ■■■■■■ up which will be ignored because of the latest self made dumpster fire.

Plenty of time to get more trade deals done that will bolster the US worker.

Got to enjoy the deal making prowess of President Trump.

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Deflection aside, what thoughts do you have on the deficit and debt under this admin? Or the recent news about stormy payoff, or the love interest in the dude who tortured an American to brain damage and death?

Now if we could get the GDP to expand at the same rate as our debt, I might even be impressed.

Oh yeah I remember. Just think when Mueller is done and liberals see all that was a nothing burger. What will they do then?

From protests and riots to threats I bet…it seems to be libs MO.

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The debt and deficit now have a path to recovery that was not possible under previous policy.

I have found the salacious story of Daniels to be a bore and her attorney partner that has exploited her for his own gain looks to find himself in some hot water over the Kav tabloid nonsense. Yawn.

Warmbeir’s tragic passing may well hold a positive legacy if we can continue to Bring the NK regime into the global community and reverse their nuclear ambition.


1 more debt and higher deficit is somehow going to fix itself
2 why should we care the POTUS and his son and lawyer did during campaign
3 doesn’t respond to what Trump said

Yet here we are.

Enjoying a successful, if not unanimously popular Trump Presidency.

Never did care for the parsing game. The results are rolling in and they are very good for Trump voters.


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He isn’t popular… not by any measure.

You see any of the rallies this week?

Looks kinda popular to me. :Shrug:

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It’s nothing short of amazing how often Trump supporters try to bring the conversation back to Trump’s biggest achievement, winning the election.

There are still some people somewhere who do not know that Trump is president, so I appreciate your daily efforts.

And when I walk outside my house and see rain that means it must be raining everywhere.

It was only a tectonic shift in political prognostication.

Unheard of for a first office won to be the Presidency of the US.

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He’s not popular not successful

An odd leap of logic.

Trump has a solid base of support, does not mean everyone could or should like him.

Like the article posted states, it is time to move forward.

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That is like saying the number of yard signs are going to gauge the election.
One thing that will be a good gauge of Trump’s popularity will be the midterms. And if the Republicans take a beating I totally expect to hear Trump supporters go on and on about how the election was rigged.
I just don’t understand why Trump supporters like yourself are so totally convinced that he is more popular then the polls demonstrate.

I guess if there were many significant achievements after the election, you gentle folks wouldn’t talk about the election constantly, but there’s still hope that Trump can change the path he’s on and actually get to work.

In other words, we get it. We know why you talk about what you talk about.

I know a guy who still likes to talk about how his high school baseball team made state in 1986, even though he wasn’t even a starter.

In his defense, he only starts in like that when he’s lit like a Christmas tree. The baseball stories tell me to get him some pillows for the couch, because he can’t drive.

So when I see a thread like this, I just assume that some folks are drinking in the early afternoon.

He isn’t popular and touting his rally’s as a means of defining his popularity is ridiculous. Those rally’s don’t represent the other 99% of Americans