Media Turmoil Equals Trump Win

Had to share this excellent Op Ed on the continuous headline turmoil and media rendering of the Trump Presidency.

Every media event points right back to the choice the voters made and the willingness and effectiveness of president Trump in countering the boilerplate accusations of his foes at both ends of the political spectrum.

The idea that any means necessary were justified by the noble ends of destroying Mr. Trump explains everything from the anonymous op-ed in The New York Times detailing formal White House resistance to Mr. Trump’s governance, to Bob Woodward’s latest unsourced exposé of purported Trump chaos, to Robert Mueller’s investigation that was mandated to find “Russian collusion” and has ended up desperate to find any crimes that might prove Mr. Trump guilty of something.

Third, had Mr. Trump simply failed, as predicted, there would be far less frenzy. His Democratic opponents and many in his own party would have quietly found ways to remove him.

But instead, the economy is booming, with near-record-low unemployment and stock market highs. The economy is growing faster than it has in years. Domestic energy production is hitting record highs.


As each day passes and trump remains in office, liberals get angrier and more delusional.


It is so blatant and shallow that a re-election in 2020 is all but certain.

What sticks out to me is how President Trump has gone right down his list of campaign bullet points and done all he could to correct them.

I won’t call them promises. That would be the beginning of an insincere statement.

Trump just gets things done as I hoped he would when I supported him early in the primary.


I have never, ever seen anything like this. The Trump Derangement Syndrome is out of control and now it’s sweeping across the Kavanaugh confirmation. I hope people can open their eyes to this establishment of Ds, Rs and media who have fought Trump every inch of the progress he’s made. Trump and Kavanaugh are all guilty until proven innocent. This is the new and dangerous PC and if you don’t go along with it, you’re a racist, homophobic Nazi. Trump is guilty of Russian collusion, obstruction and what ever other charge the establishment can construct while Kavanaugh was the former king of sex parties. Neither has any evidence of such but maybe if the charge is bad enough, then people will simply think with their…feelings?


Just look at how he can still draw HUGE crowds.

If the R can add 2 Senate seats and stay a +1 in the house, I will be very happy.

If the R lose the house it will subject us to more obstruction and Pelosi, but won’t be the worst outcome imaginable.

Lou Barletta…get out and CAMPAIGN like there is no tomorrow. Casey can be overtaken thanks to teh antics of the Senate D.

That’s the absolute truth!


Lot of libs didn’t think Trump would still be here…remember he was gong to last 6 months, then year, then impeached with all hopes on Mueller.

and coming up on two years Trump is still here…and that angers em.


Still here and improving every day.

The guy never rests.



You think their is collation here…Trump success and lib anger. :rofl:


Rabid libs…what can you do?

I just hope American people don’t decide to placate em like spoil little angry brats that they are. That would be worst thing to do.

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Exactly. We need to follow President Trumps example and be energized and defend our legal and ethical policy choices.


You are right… nothing wrong with Trumps actions. The entire lib media is making it all up. Only truth teller is Trump, because he never lies! It’s why dictators love him!

I long for the days of tan suits and Dijon mustard


How mean of you to intrude on their safe space support thread :rofl:

I understand libs anger…everything they knew, everything they thought they knew, everything they believe in has been crashing down all around em.

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Ethical choices? Please do share with the class

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That describes actual conservative republican cards holders to a T nowdays

Meanwhile on planet earth, the debt is up over 1
$1.2 trillion, Trump is professing his love for a murderous dictator and Manafort is meeting with Mueller.


And this is one of his better weeks too

Its only Tuesday. Give it time.