Media trying to decide candidates

Recent efforts to sandbag Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard are crude repeats of behaviors that helped elect Trump in 2016.

You can bet Biden and Beto are onboard fueling fake news and twisting angles. Tulsi is a shoot from the hip kinda player and ready to take down any BS put in her way. She is a uniter that will go on FOX or MSNBC and stay consistent to her values. Ya’ll need to get woke!

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Don’t worry about Bernie and the media. The DNC has everything under control.

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I’m going to assume the op isn’t serious but then what is the point? Tulsi Gabbard has absolutely no shot at being president and has better odds having dinner with Assad.

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It’s not just the media – though your point about the media trying to play kingmaker has merit.

DNC and RNC are both putting their weight behind candidates – not just presidential candidates, but Senate primaries, Representative, and state-level races.

In my opinion, organizations like DNC and RNC should stay out of the way and let the people decide. Once the primaries are over, THEN the D/R National Committees should work to get their respective primary winners positioned against the other party.

And the Rolling Stone talking about what the Daily Beast is saying, as if dems will pay any attention to that.

OOooooo this guy has been reading the Daily Beast again!

It’s true. How would an empty suit with an empty head like biden suddenly be 30 points ahead (if you believe that).

But go back even further to how they treated obama to explain biden’s sudden popularity. No substance, no tough questions. All love, all the time.

Oooooooooooo i’m not sure if i’ve ever read the daily beast, but i have heard of them. Tulsi 2020 let’s do this. I was personally hoping for Tim Ryan, but the media won’t let him win.

They need to kick his Candy Ass to the curb!

I kind of hope he’s the nominee.

It would be funny.

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Biden will kick fat T’s ass. You can stop pretending not to afraid.

Enhhh…what difference does the media make? Russia will post a few tweets and the whole thing will be decided.


Biden is another weak Jeb Rubio. trump will eat him alive. Joe has got to go!

Dream on.

Not dreaming We better realize he is a flawed candidate who will hand trump another 4. Get Woke Old White Dude! He stands for nothing. He is your good little Politician. trump will sliver his innards. There are better candidates

The Democratic voters will determine the winner of the primaries just as they did when hillary crushed sanders in 2016.


Such as? I am not a Biden supporter. Who is your choice who won’t get slivered

Tulsi has NO traction with Democratic Primary voters such as myself. you have to appeal to the base and she just doesnt.

Bernie is not a democrat, he also does not appeal to the base.


Dosen’t she support healthcare for all to include everyone that crosses the border from other countries?

Not when his son is being paid millions from the Chines for what, secrets?