Media, politics and word play

I always found it interesting why there is not more push-back from conservative (right wing) groups on the way leftist media organizations changes and portrays words to fit a narrative. I have seen many articles through the years with headlines from WaPo, CNN, and countless others frivolously throwing around the word “Far Right Group” in describing conservative groups when in retrospect they have no clue what these peoples politics are.

Maybe it’s were credence has been given to discredited groups like the SPLC who labels every conservative - Far Right or the way the word racist is thrown around as easy as saying “Would you like some coffee”. Unless of course your a liberal then blackface away and become the next PM of Canada. It’s also in the way they label their own pet groups and causes. For instance today is the DACA hearing in the Supreme Court, shouldn’t right wing agencies label the protest groups on what they are?

I am seeing from WaPo -“Dreamers rally outside of the supreme court”
From USA Today - “Supreme Court set to side with Trump on 700k undocumented migrants”.

Why does the right let the left control the narrative. I understand having decency but why not use the legal definitions to describe it, instead of WaPo - “Dreamers rally outside of the supreme court” why not come back with “Illegal Aliens rally outside of the supreme court”. They have zero problem throwing out the words far right and racist even when there is no facts showing they are. I would like to see when the next conservative is protested or shutdown from speaking instead of the usual headlines “Conservative group shut down by protesters” headlines from the conservative media should play the same game “Communists in black masks shut down protesters”. “Weird man in a dress is asking people to call him Zer”.

There is a reason the calls for changing the 1st amendment is coming from the left, the right has surrendered by not calling out their BS.


It’s a way to paint your opposition as racist, to equate the right as racist bigots while ignoring their own racist bigoted policies.

There is old saying…if you repeat a lie enough. :wink:

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Who is calling for changing the 1st amendment?

I would like to introduce you to Frank Luntz. Particularly his focus groups on the use of language.

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“Weird man in a dress is asking people to call him Zer”.


This is what fake news is all about. They’re fake and Trump exposed them. Now…CNN and other media outlets are suffering for their lies. What’s sad is still…so many…are unaware or choose to ignore this truth and believe only because they are being told…what they want to hear…and have become sheople.

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“Some people say”…The Fox go to, to get the ball rolling…

Yeah. Notice how they will talk about someone being on the far right of the Republican Party. Have you ever heard them talk about anyone, even a Bernie Sanders, as being on the far left of the Democratic Party. So far as I can tell, in media land there is not far left. There are moderate Democrats, Conservative Democrats, Conservative Republicans, and the Far Right. The Far Right seems to be about 40% of the country.

Where I draw the line is when there is an article about foreigners who are in the country illegally and they are referred to as "immigrants’. No…do not mix legal immigrants with people who have no legal right to be in this country.

Mostly, I don’t think we want to fight nit picky wars all the time. It amuses me how some in this forum get all hairs on end because it is a “memo” and not a “transcript”. Does that make you want to call it a “memo” while CNN, NYTs and all are calling it a transcript? The other fun one is they still get all on edge if you call it the Democrat party instead of the Democratic party.

Crying about the left-wing media is a favorite activity of many Republicans. Fox News has a fresh story everyday about how CNN or ABC suck. Trump can’t stop talking about it. What more do you want them to do? How much crying is enough to satisfy you?

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Such a victim! From the last few weeks:

“This creates a fear-fueled feedback loop, as we begin to hear an echo of this anger and intolerance bubble up on the far left.”

“Some American activists on the far right and far left found themselves duped by Russian efforts.”

“What is less well-covered is how far Democrats have tacked to the left in recent years, and how there appears to be some level of unhappiness within the American electorate about the liberalness of the opposition party.”

Then tune out…problem solved. I have.

I understand why the left wants to control language, prevent people from talking, and alter the 1st amendment. I understand less why the right goes along with or at best tolerates it.

Again. Who is calling for altering the 1st amendment

Perhaps you might like to do an expose on the Rupert Murdoch media empire’s advocacy of right and extreme right political parties if you are interested in media bias. You could start with Fox News; Sky News (Australia); Sydney’s Daily Telegraph; Melbourne’s Herald Sun and The Australian.

Didn’t Republican Donald Trump advocate libel law changes so he could sue more easily?

You examine that drop…and I’ll expose the ocean on the other side.

This right here “Rupert Murdoch media empire’s advocacy of right and extreme right political parties”. This is part of what I am referring to. What extreme right wing party is he advocating? Because extreme right is people like the kk’k or Golden Dawn from Greece, or the former FPO party in Austria ran by Jörg Haider.

I highly doubt he is on any recording supporting groups like this or any other fringe element on the sidelines of our past. The truth is the media and people on the left are frivolously throwing around right wing and far right/extreme right as if they are the same they are not the same. Is the democratic party the same as Stalin’s communist party? Obviously not and we would think someone was retarded for the comparison, the left should practice the same decency on republicans or republicans should hammer them right right back.

The United States democratic party have moved further to the left than the republicans have to the right in the last 20 years.

The current Liberal Party of Australia.