MEDIA MELTDOWN: Washington Post Blames Covington Student Fiasco on… TRUMP SUPPORTERS | Sean Hannity

Days after the mainstream media went on a full-fledged meltdown surrounding a group of Catholic High School students, the Washington Post found the true culprit behind the breathless coverage: ‘The Trump Internet.’

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Wow, I never realized that the Black Israelites were Trump supporters. Actually, news outlets like the Washington Post, New York Times and the alphabet networks, have done more to damage the image of modern journalism than anyone else could possibly do.

When all else fails, just blame someone else- the Washington Post, just like the rest of the libs, got a story about something supposedly negative concerning Trump supporters, they jumped in, the story blew up in their faces, and now they are mad- so instead of doing the responsible thing, and apologizing, they try to spin it(as usual) onto the other guys, when they are caught in their own trap- the Post was once I guess a respected newspaper, but now, they have pandered to the lowest common denominator- they are reckless, irresponsible, they lack integrity, and now that they have the chance to do something right, they refuse- it is a disgrace- they are the lowest