MEDIA MELTDOWN: Former Obama Official Directly Compares TRUMP to STALIN | Sean Hannity

Former President Barack Obama’s Solicitor General viciously compared President Trump to Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin Thursday morning; saying the Commander-in-Chief should be “paranoid” about those seeking to undermine his administration.

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THIS is what they want… to create paranoia.

It is EXACTLY one of the Psyops techniques we use against ISIS. The article was planned by someone who knows exactly how to do that. Brennan has the knowledge and the motivation. He was at a minimum consulted on how to craft the OpEd

These people are America’s enemies.

In case y’all don’t know, Trump stole the phrase “media = enemy of the people” from comrade Stalin. Stalin didn’t say media, just “the press” – same difference. Hitler said the same thing, he just said “Jewish press” – same difference. Get your facts together prior to blabbering nonsense.