Media Leak Strategy by FBI and DOJ?


:rofl: no faith at all. Strzok started believing his own press.


That’s not faith its a fact. The guy didn’t just magically appear at the top of the FBI one day and start writing anti-trump texts, ya know.


Strzok just kissed the asses of like minded leftest before em.

That’s how you get promoted.


Is this your way of saying he did nothing to earn his position without actually saying it because that’s silly and you also know I’ll drop a ton of cases on you?


You can’t drop anything but crap.


Again, its not binary.

You can think Strzock sucks and was rightly fired and also acknowledge reality.


Talk like an adult. Have a conversation. Use facts. Form opinions. Enjoy the experience


Ass kissing is important in goverment bureaucracy…as long as it’s right ass that you’re kissing.

They just don’t let anyone into inner circle…to many secrets.


Sure sure. I’m with ya, gotta give head to get a head. …Maybe I got that wrong. But yes conan you’re not wrong.

That’s not the whole picture though. If ass kissing got you from the street to the top floor everyone would do it.


That’s why I said the right asses you gotta kiss.


Sure, but all this was in response for me daring to say that Strzock had some merit too. Which he did, and is easily provable with simple searches.

If you want to argue the guy got too big of a head, he got loosey goosey with is opinions, he’s an adulterer, I can do nothing but agree. But the reality is the guy didn’t just appear out of nowhere, all of us can google his career and see how he got to where he was.

He’s a story about choking in the big time, not a story about some rookie kid who ended up at the big game.


I don’t care if he was screwing around on his wife…I watched him during congressional hearing.

He proven himself to be just what he is. Arrogant ■■■■ that thinks he knows better then everyone else.


I agree. He proved himself by getting to where he was, became arrogant in his position and thinks he knows better then everyone else.

Sounds like another guy I know.


You guys think it’s isn’t coincidence that Comey, McCabe, Strzok and “The Weasel” all have the same personality, political persuasion and attitude?

The Hoover building has major problem. Everyone on top two floors should be fired.


Damn right.

Can’t even stand near the thing without risk of the cladding falling off and crushing you.


If you want to fall down a rabbit hole with a story that starts with Brutalist architecture and bad concrete, that ends with hidden underground warehouse CIA command centers in Virginia, Trump, and confused land surveyors, you google the entire history and current search for a replacement of the J Edgar Hoover building right now.

As for the top two floors? Fired? If I were them I’d have a zipline to the ground.


Q anon wasn’t around or I wasn’t aware of them when I started attempting to connect the dots from tidbits that keep dripping from the different media sources regarding what appeared to be political collusion between the FBI and the DoJ.

Notice the time stamp on this post. I get up very early to begin working. What I gather from any medium comes from a 2 minute break every 30 or 40 minutes in an attempt to keep my sanity and here you are wondering if I’m on drugs.


Wasn’t this investigation supposed to be about “russian collusion?” Why are we talking about hush money to porn stars and bank and tax fraud instead? Because there is no collusion? Perhaps? :raised_hand:


Yep. These side tracks invalidate the entire process.

The little investigation that cried WOLF is running out of time.



The investigation was actually about Russia, at the direction of Putin himself, attacking the United States in an effort to undermine our democracy and assist one candidate for President to win, while damaging the other and trying to ensure she lost. From there, the investigation was also tasked with determining whether any Americans assisted them in their efforts. That included looking into the Trump campaign chairman’s financial ties to Russia and whether any of his activities were illegal. Which they were.

The other stuff, like Cohen or Stormy Daniels, are all things not being handled by the Mueller investigation. That is being led up by other divisions within the DOJ. Conflating the two together as if they are all one in the same only serves to make it appear you are not well versed in current events.

The same goes for you, for what it is worth.


Sure. The dirth of appealing candidates for the D for the 2020 presidential cycle indicates that 6 more years of Mueller bird dogging President Trump with leaks and innuendo seems likely…

Works for me.