Media Leak Strategy by FBI and DOJ?


I don’t care who he has sex with. I worry that he has a group of supporters willing to believe anything he says no matter how many times he makes them look like idiots for doing so.

That sort of unthinking obedience to a narrative is dangerous.


So it is all the smelly Walmart deplorables that voted for him that you have issue with.

Got it.



Yes, they should not over hype it before release, or the effects are less…


I never said or did anything to support Cohen or Davis. You’re projecting.


I just want to free them from their self imposed intellectual obedience.

People should to think for themselves.


The next hype will be Rodger Stone… lmao!.. Another laser dot for lefty to chase…


Once the White House has their talking points and accusations down, they will declassify portions to fit their narrative. I give it up to 24 hours before their talking points are debunked.


You guys will keep throwing out that “fake” description for the dossier for those who don’t have a clue. Sorry, but it’s not fake.


How many of Trump’s buddies have to go to jail for you to see a pattern?


Plenty in Congress have already seen it all unredacted. If it were the “Biggest Scandal Since Watergate” revelation that rightwing entertainment would lead us to believe, it would have already been made public.

It’ll be another faceplant scandal like all of the rest has been for the Trump loyalists, desperate to change the narrative surrounding the real scandals, corruption, and unprecedented dysfunction and chaos consuming this administration.


Alright, alright. Salacious and unverified, then, in the words of Comey. And the Democrats were so proud of their work it took a year to verify that it came from them.


I suppose the intelligence agencies can trap as many as necessary in charges of “false” statements.


LOL. It’s so crazy that you guys are in a fog thinking real news is fake. No wonder this country is so screwed up.


The scandal is constantly shifting. One scapegoat after another. McCabe, then Strzok now Ohr is the flavor of the week. It’s amazing how people can’t see this.


It’ll be more proof that Repubs are clueless. Carter Page was recruited by Russian spies. He’s not the innocent lamb that you guys claim him to be.


There’s no trap. Just a bunch of idiots around Trump following orders. Trump never gets in trouble for lying so why would anyone else?


You’ve got the burden of proof backwards. The party offering the evidence has the burden of proving it true and I don’t have any obligation to “disprove” anything. You must have better sources than I am not aware that any material facts in the dossier have been proven/substantiated except that real names and places were used. Cohen has offered his passport as evidence he was never in Prague as alleged. Carter Page denies everything alleged about him. Manafort categorically denies he ever colluded with Russians, and has so far as we know has never “cracked” and admitted anything to Mueller.


Get your story straight. Not all of it is unverified. And more is getting verified as time goes on. And remember it was initiated by a Republican.


The Ohr thing is nuts. But then, consider the source.


Just like the Nunes ■■■■■■■■ was.