Media Leak Strategy by FBI and DOJ?


The dossier is not true… and most of the leaks from last year were false too.


Yeah. And Trump never had sex with a pornographic actress and never paid her off.

He makes you look foolish.


You are comically dear.

The only consistency from Mueller has been the leaks to harm the Trump brand and all those smelly Walmart deplorables that voted for him.



Kennedy was the energizer sex bunny of the White House.

Trump had poor taste in his side chicks if we are to believe any of it…Yet his wives have all been 10’s.

None of the rumors even sound plausible, let alone likely.

All of the secret recordings are either favorable or PG-13 childish…Nothing to even get the BP up over.

Trump is smiling and winning and moving forward.



You have literally no proof that Muellers team has leaked a single thing - because they haven’t. In fact, they’ve run an incredibly tight ship.

This is 100% more nonsense from the desperate rats on the sinking ship.


Nothing’s been disproven. And more is being confirmed as time goes on.


The Clintesque cry of PROOF!!!


Problem is that the leaks have been so prolific and consistent they no longer garner the SHOCK value and now appear suspiciously orchestrated to even the most obtuse media consumer.


That’s the fable the right-wing has been throwing out to their rabid base. Sorry that it’s not true.


Appear? You mean you don’t really know then.


Smelly smelly Walmart deplorables would disagree.



Kind of like the whole campaign/Russia collusion conspiracy theory. It starts off with a fake dossier prepared by Hillary’s campaign, goes into a two year investigation, and nothing pans out (oh, I know, Manafort cheated on his taxes in 2006 and Papa lied about when he talked to someone)


No more, or less, than you do…


It’s astounding that you now think a demand that you back up your lies is “Clintoneque”.

Well, you had relations with a Pygmy Goat. Don’t bother denying it, lest your demand for proof be labeled “Clintoneque.”


Everyone in that campaign lied. It started at the top and filtered down. Papadopolous was just pulling his weight like he was expected. Too bad it had to ruin his life.

I never took the dossier that seriously but I don’t have the luxury of being able to be wrong which the national security and intelligence agencies don’t have.


You are one clever cat.

Demanding that another justify their opinion before the altar of your own superiority.

Go scan the dark web for the next Mueller leaky file and let us know that trump is sunk NOW!!!




Lanny made you guys look foolish, and he made lots of Go fund me money doing it. … ABC made you guys look foolish.

So much fake news last year, it’s amazing the left writes anything now.


Roger Stone and Guccifer 2.0, aka the GRU, absolutely :heart: this post.


Don’t forget the DNC colluded to deny Sanders the nomination.

The same leaked email portals that had tentacles in the missing Clinton server and emails.

Until all of the collusion is opened, none of it is opened.



Are you ok? This post is not normal.


Rumor has it that the FISA falsehoods will be declassified and released this week.

Will it be a revelation or another mundane cliffhanger?