Media Gives Biden the Kiss of Death

makes one wonder why. is it because hes not “woke” enough? or because he has a personal space problem that wont go away?

maybe his age and gaffe tendencies. or lack of spark and energy… just too straight white male and old?

Either way they’re clearing the path for someone else. wonder who…

my guess is the gay Buttigeig.

he’s so well spoken and plays piano. i suppose we’ll have to wait and see

oh here is fox news laying it on a democrat:

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Media isn’t all that influential though. My guess is he’s still likely to get the nomination.

i dunno. “the view” crowd gets their orders from these alphabet networks

just makes me wonder

Definitely “the gays.”

How old are you again?


Why do you feel the need to call Buttgeig gay, why not call him a military veteran who served in Afghanistan.

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Either Biden is nominated and he survives the gauntlet with many of his statements exposed and discussed or a new candidate beats a Vice President and leader in the polls. Either one is great for the dems. :slight_smile:

All that’s missing is the nickname “Plugs” and what we have in the OP would be a complete regurgitation of Rush yesterday.


I’ll bet a pizza on that? :sunglasses:

My guess is Kamala.

My guess is Warren or Buttigeg

I’ll bet a pizza that it won’t be Warren? :sunglasses:

Warren wont get it but she is the only person in the contest who is pushing comprehensive policy not sound bites.

she has a detailed policy plan for pretty much everything she is running on.

thats not what i said

so old that i remember when it was just “LG”

because i see this emphasized in the media

Woah woah, thinking men don’t regurgitate talking points from entertainers, do they?

I never heard the Media emphasize him being gay over his platform.

media sure doing their part though huh?

i dont listen to rush. too busy

i did them chasing biden when i wandered into the breakroom at work though

i couldnt believe my ears

Well President Trump already labeled them as fake news so Former Vice President Biden doesn’t have anything to worry about.

Or is it not fake news when they report something suspicious about a Democrat’s behavior. Someone explain to me the rules.