Media bias, two governors, same policies, completely different treatment

Examine the policies of both the Georgia and CO gov’s with respect to going back to work.

They are almost identical yet the Alabama Gov has been pilloried by the press and little or no criticism at all for the gov of CO.

What criticisms have been leveled against the governor of AL? I haven’t been following any media stories about her.

Is this an end around at me getting the state wrong? Benning was in both so sometimes I flip them in my head I suppose.

No. I have no idea what other state you could be referring to. I took your OP at face value.

ETA: So was it another governor who was pilloried?

It was GA. The Governor has been pilloried in the media for moving forward with their restart.

Hit google, there are literally thousands of stories.

Oh yea. Didn’t Trump ride that guy’s ass hard last week, too?

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Seems pretty unfair for a president to single out one governor for disagreement and not another with identical policies.

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How so? It was the press that raised the question so he answered.


Not that I’ve seen anywhere.

He didn’t single out the governor, the press did. You seem to have a problem with target ID.

I’m sorry the media asked trump a targeted question about the governor of Georgia. Actually, i think I speak for all us when i say we stand with you and this president in solidarity after this premeditated hit piece. It must never happen again.

Ok then that clears it up. Thanks for bumping the thread.

thou shalt have no messiahs before the Obamassiah


Why do you believe Obama is the Messiah?

Well it would be unfair…if Polis had identical policies.

He does not and also his policies don’t affect Denver, where most of the cases currently are.

Ah, I should have just assumed that. Thanks.

And if Atlanta wants to keep stricter policies they too are free to do so. The states policies are basically the same, niether one has any power over local governments measures.

No…Polis is being much more restrictive in which businesses can open and which should remain closed than Kemp.

It’s actually a substantive difference.

And while Polis isn’t getting beat up as much, he is getting beat up.

There is only one messiah and his name is Donald. In Donald we trust…amirite?