Media bias? Naaa The arrest of Devon Archer


Bookmark it all you want. You fabricated “fact” based solely on hope and when called on it you punted.

You know that Sondland is expected to sell Giuliani down the river … right?

What does that have to do with this subject exactly?

No…his “bragging” did no such thing.

Over and over with the same false story.

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Or course it did, that’s what precipitated this whole thing.

That the story pushed by Guiliani is a fever dream and that the President pursuing like he did is very very bad for his administration

So it has nothing to do with the subject of this thread. Thanks for clearing it up.

Go derail another thread.

No it didn’t because as has been stated over and over…Burisma was not under active investigation at the time no matter how many phony memos John Solomon tries to concoct.

Shokin was BLOCKING an active UK investigation into Burisma, AND, the firing of Shokin was something that was desired by several Western governments and businesses.

We can believe that all these organizations were in the tank for Joe and Hunter Biden…or we can understand what was really going on…which was Shokin was corrupt scum.

Those of us who were actually paying attention to stories out of the Ukraine in 2015-16 and who are not tainted by Rudy’s and Solomon’s ridiculous stories on it know the latter is what is true.

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All of this is connected.

It is impossible to talk about any of this without talking about why the Hunter Biden thing is talked about by the CEC and why the actions taken by the President is really reallly bad.

More fabrications on your part. We now know that within hours of his firing the lawyers from Burisma were contacting his replacement trying to negotiate and end to the investigation.

No- this part is John Solomon’s invention.

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You need a better internet connection.

No it isn’t and he cited the documents to support it.

His documents were crap…easily seen as crap by anyone who wasn’t predisposed to buy his yarn.

This has been explained already…several times now.

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Of course they were. I forgot you were a document expert capable of authenticating them on TV with a single glance.

Solomon on the other hand has a solid reputation.

**[quote=“WildRose, post:60, topic:214535, full:true”]
You have absolutely no evidence to support that claim and Uncle Joe isn’t even the nominee nor is he likely to be.

This entire thing began with Joe running off at the mouth bragging about his successful blackmailing of the Ukrainian president.

So WildRose is making claims again. Why is Biden unlikely to be the nominee?

For numerous reasons not the least of which is his running his mouth about this which is causing a whole lot of folks to look deeper into this business relationships with his brother James and his son Hunter and all the deals they worked during his term as VP.

There are better, younger candidates with much broader appeal than he has.

The bolded shows me you have no idea what you’re talking about.

It doesn’t require a document expert to understand why Solomon was full of crap.

All it requires is common sense.

oh yeah this is going to get real interesting. lets watch the media circus perform their best acrobatics on this.