Media bias? Naaa The arrest of Devon Archer

So if anyone remotely connected to the Trump family gets arrested we hear about it endlessly always with the purpose of smearing Trump and his family be extension.

Yet, it 2016 when Devon Archer and six others were arrested we heard next to nothing about his being a partner with the son of Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and the son of Theresa Heinz Kerry, John Kerry’s wife, Christopher Heinz.

Archer and the others were indicted in a scheme to defraud both the Ogalalla Sioux Tribe and the public who invested in the bonds issued by same in a scheme cooked up by Archer and his companions.

Even with the focus on Hunter’s involvement in Ukraine and China we’ve seen virtually no mention of Archer’s involvement even though he was also on the board of Burisma and a Partner in the Rosemont Capital firm with Biden and Kerry.

Fortunately Uncle Joe running off at the mouth has drawn new attention to all of these and every investigative journalist worth their salt is going to be digging for all they are worth into these and no doubt other deals they were involved in during the Obama Administration where of course Biden and Kerry were central figures in the making of Foreign policy.

What does Devon Archer have to do with Joe Biden.

Try reading. It’s already been explained.

Maybe you need a little more help?

At the same time, one of the board members was Devon Archer , a former senior adviser to John Kerry 2004 presidential campaign. Ownership. Burisma Holdings is owned by Brociti Investments Limited, a Cyprus based company owned by Ukrainian businessman Mykola Zlochevsky, who was minister of natural resources under Viktor Yanukovych.

I did, He is just some random rich ■■■■■■■■■, like Hunter.

Nothing “random” about him at all or Hunter and their involvement in China and Ukraine.

They run a shady equity firm, that isn’t a crime.

I stopped reading when I saw this name.

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A shady equity firm that has made millions thanks to Uncle Joe’s connection as VP during his term as same.

Yes, there may well be a crime in there somewhere.

Hunter Biden is a scumbag.

now you need to prove Uncle Joe was an active player in that shady business.

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His own bragging about the firing of the prosecutor in Ukraine took care of the first, and Hunter who joined him on AF2 for the trip to China from which he comes home with a 1.6bn equity deal took care of the 2nd.

again none of that prove they collude,

it seem that Hunter is using his dad statue for personal gain, you have yet to prove that Joe is an active part of this shady business.

Let’s not forget James Biden, Joe’s younger brother who also profited mightily from very special deals in countries where Biden and Kerry were deeply involved in making and implementing US foreign policy.

Yet in none of these cases was there a big uproar by the main stream media screaming “crony capitalism” and “special favors” or “corruption at the highest levels”.

Right, we’re to believe Joe had no ideas that Hunter was on the board of Burisma or that Burisma wanted the prosecutor fired.

He was also completely clueless as to Hunter working deals in China while accompanying him on official business.

Do you think anyone is actually buying that?

Sooo, you’re annoyed that there wasn’t more coverage about a bond fraud case back in 2016 with American citizens loosely linked to people who werent even running for office. And this is your defense for the President’s lawyer working with, and meeting with foreign nationals who were arrested hours later trying to leave the country?


Your missing the smoking gun, that connect him and his son to colluding for personal gain.

I’m not missing anything. What is the title of this thread?

“Loosely”. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

That’s rich.

You have a bunch of circumstantial evidence.

But this is your defense of Giuliani?

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What is the title of this thread?