Meanwhile we now have the feds

Vaping is a wicked and dangerous assault on health.

Hormone blockers and genital mutilation are essential for health.

Get with the program.


I guess grooming only works for the tobacco industry.

It’s so difficult to keep up with the rules you Democrats invent.

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Altria (Phillip Morris) owns a majority stake (35%) in Juul.

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I’m sure there’s a point here somewhere.

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I just told you.

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The FDA has it out for the giant tobacco companies? Perhaps. Not sure how that is reflected in what happened to Juul.

No, big tobacco has it out for Juul and similar platforms, they want their own iqos systems to be the only e cig left standing.

“Big Tobacco” owns Juul.

I’m not sure why this isn’t sinking in.

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My guess is that Juul gave republicans/Conservatives too much money.

It’s how the feds roll.

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Look at all these former smokers whose lives were saved by vapes.

Better tax and regulate that after the fact.

They bought it to kill it

They bought it to make money - and that’s exactly what they were doing, until the feds got involved.

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You obviously haven’t followed the story.

I am not sure how Juul is any worse or better than the rest. I guess since it was the biggest or bigger ones was why it’s targeted. Most of the shops I go to the store workers make their own liquid to sale with manufactured liquid not sure how safe that is but it’s pretty common here.

All a big tobacco push, juul cut into their profits, lobbyists were paid, juul is gone.

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He’s making the argument “If grooming is happening anywhere, it’s happening everywhere”.

Flawless logic.


Everything is grooming… sort of like how everything is also CRT, authoritarian, socialism, and fascist.


Well if this isn’t crt i don’t know what is

Wait what is it?

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It’s the destruction of the male/family/republic؟

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