Meanwhile I would love to hear who those conspiracy are

We have Rep. Mikie Sherrill, a democrat from New Jersey claiming that some of her colleagues was conducting surveillance for peaceful protestors that entered the people house days before peaceful protestors had invited themselves to people house.

Sherrill should be censure or reprimand is does not provide any proof to her allegations.

And where is Facebook on this since she was allowed to make those accusations their platform without any proof?

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Here you can see the video of Sherrill unsubstantiated accusations.

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She’s probably confused and talking about Democrat members of Congress who had infiltrators come to the rally and instigate the Capital break in so that they could blame it on Trump supporters?


And you evidence for this is?

Is it required?


How about a named source?

Im not saying i believe him. I would like more info. But you can’t say there was not “ANY” proof or evidence.

Well, some people like being laughed at, so I guess not.

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Should have read your own link.

In a statement to The Washington Post, a spokesman for Biggs said the congressman had never been in contact with Alexander or other protesters and denied he had helped organize a rally on Jan. 6.

“Congressman Biggs is not aware of hearing of or meeting Mr. Alexander at any point — let alone working with him to organize some part of a planned protest,” the statement said.

And even if they did help him plan for rally…you have proof that congress members help them in their surveillance in their plan for peaceful protest in the people building?

I’m seeing lots of accusations but no proof.


So I take it you agree with my OP?

I think it requires evidence for me to believe it.

Should she be censored?

I think she better come up with something, that’s for sure.

She won’t…and nothing will happen to her after accusation/defamation of members of congress for sedation.


Serious accusations are not that unusual. Hell Trump accuses people of treason. He might get bitched at, but no censuring happens for that.

So we are back to Trump…cute.


That wasnt the OP. Im not a judge or Jury and obviously someone is lying, and i don’t know who.
But the OP said there was “NO proof” and NO evidence.

But there is some. May not be valid -but its not nothing.

In this case it’s relevant.

She offered no proof/evidence. Just accusation of treason.

Is she not stirring up violence against her follow congress critters?


So that’s going to be libs final answer to everything. Got it.


Jesus man. I get it. A Drunk woman saying ridiculous claims about 0 registers voters all voting is solid proof and a guy who organized a march saying he worked directly with 4 congress men is complete ■■■■■■■■■

The OP implied that this was a baseless accusation.
Im simply showing you its not baseless, where it came from.

Believe it, don’t believe it, I could care less. Im simply showing you where the accusations came from.