Me - Is Susan Rice considering a challenge to Senator Collins?

Votes and elections have consequences…


I expect Collins to announce her retirement before the 2020 elections.

Been saying for a couple of weeks now… she votes yes and retires.

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This might be her cross over to the right side

She was afraid of getting primaried from a right wing nutter - probably that idiot LePage. Likely why her yes vote.

Hopefully, a dem will beat her in 2020.

He might have won the primary but doubtful he would have won a Senate race.

He got in both times on a split ticket… it is so bad that Maine is instituting rank choice voting.

I know. My kid was in college in Maine at the time of last election, so I followed it closely.

Over $3 million already. I just donated $50 and I’ll keep it on my list for monthly donation.

I was very disappointed in Collins vote. She seemed like one of the more sane ones and I have always liked her.

Look at who she’s married to.

The GOP is turning into a wholly owned subsidiary of Russia.

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…or…the left wants to discard our laws and run the country based on their feelings.


Joe Manchin seems to be the only sane person in the Democrat party

Susan Rice’s son is the President of the Stanford College Republicans?


I’ll have to donate.