McCONNELL: Trump’s Presidency Has Been ‘My Best Years in the Senate’

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell publicly praised President Trump Friday, saying Trump’s tenure in office has been the best “year-and-a half in my time in the Senate” from his entire 34-year career.

McConnell was speaking at Value Voter summit in the nation’s capital when he thanked President Trump for moving the country in the right direction.

“I’m now in the 34th year in the Senate, hard to believe,” McConnell said. “This has been, if you want America to be a right of center nation, this last year-and-a-half has been the best year-and-a-half in my time in the Senate.”

"And, the reason you should know that, is look how angry the Left is. The angrier they get, the better we are doing,” he added.

“You’ve watched the fight, you’ve watched the tactics," McConnell said. “But here is what I want to tell you, in the very near future Judge Kavanaugh will be on the United States Supreme Court.”

h/t Washington Examiner

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Washington Examiner – always a good source.

what does that have to do with what McConnell said?

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love his comment about how the left is unhinged

I agree with him.

Who would have thunk it that New York businessman would have done more to push back those radical left-wing nuts and advance conservative cause?

Oh wait…I did.

I told you all never Trumpers let Trump do the heavy lifting. Trump is setting the stage for a true conservatism to take hold.

Just be patient.


It doesn’t…just remember who you’re responding too.

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Well he got his tax cuts for the rich passed, and that’s all he ever really wanted.

But I don’t get the whole “more you make the left angry” thing. The left would be angry if people were being put in concentration camps and being murdered. So why is that a good thing?

haha. yeah… good point.

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lol people still say “for the rich” as though they sit on their gold like kings, living off the backs of society

Statistically speaking the wealthy will return less money to the economy with a tax break as compared to the less wealthy.

Just so you know.

The tax cut went over like a lead balloon. The polling on the issue is pretty bad.

McConnell it’s disconnected from reality.

He’s adopting the Trump style of hyperbole. Everything good becomes the best ever. Anything bad is the worst of all time.

It’s silly.

are you arguing that the government should keep this money as opposed to putting it back into the hands of earners?

ok well thanks for your opinion

Are you suggesting there should be no taxes taken out of any earner’s paychecks?

See, I can ask silly questions too.

Indeed. I can back mine up too. I highly recommend it.

ok so you dont want to engage. it’s ok i understand it’s not easy to defend the government keeping that much of our money.

i guess we ll just have to take your word for it because you never do.

It is easy to defend when the government spends more than they take in.

No where did I comment on what tax levels should be but you asked a leading question.m which was born of a bias mindset.

All I was doing is dispelling the notion of trickle down economics.

Sure I do. It’s not my fault you don’t get it after patiently explaining it to you many, many times.

Can lead a horse to water…

Just how much has the Senate accomplished this last term?

returning wealth back to those who know best what to do with it is not “trickle down” but i know you have to use media generated class envy buzz words