McCONNELL: ‘I Can’t Imagine a Scenario Under Which President Trump Would Be Removed’

Originally published at: McCONNELL: ‘I Can’t Imagine a Scenario Under Which President Trump Would Be Removed’ | Sean Hannity

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell threw more cold-water on the Democrats’ impeachment fantasy Monday; saying he “can’t imagine a scenario” where the Senate would vote to remove Donald Trump from office.

“I can’t imagine a scenario under which President Trump would be removed from office with 67 votes in the Senate,” McConnell told USA Today.

“Nothing is happening because House Democrats seized with Trump derangement syndrome are consumed with this argument with the president,” he said.

McConnell made similar comments last week; telling reporters “I will say I’m pretty sure how it’s likely to end. If it were today, I don’t think there’s any question it would not lead to a removal.”

Meanwhile, House Democrats refuse to commit to a formal timeline of their investigation into the President’s dealings with Ukraine.

“I haven’t had a lot of time to pay attention to the president’s tweets and the legal implications of them. I just think that was totally wrong and inappropriate and typical of the president,” Pelosi told CBS News.

“I have no idea,” she responded when asked if the process could drag-on into 2020.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Face The Nation that President Trump is an "imposter" who insults people because "he knows full well that he's in that office way over his head"

— CBS News (@CBSNews) November 17, 2019


“It is self-evident that we have open hearings for the next week. I don’t know if there are any beyond that,” she added. “And then when we come back [from Thanksgiving], maybe a decision or maybe they have more hearings.”

Source: USA Today