McConnell concludes a deal with Democrats, gaining the confirmation (by voice vote) of six United States District Judge nominees and expediting one United States Circuit Judge nominee in return for restoring a portion of the August recess

McConnell concludes a deal with Democrats, gaining the confirmation (by voice vote) of six United States District Judge nominees in return for restoring one & 1/2 week of the August recess. The confirmed nominees are listed below.

The original plan was to cancel all but the first week of the August recess. Then that became the entire August recess. However, with these six confirmations, McConnell has agreed to restore one & 1/2 week of the stricken weeks. The Senate will recess (holding pro formas) the week of August 6 and the recess will extend to Monday and Tuesday of the week of the August 13. The Senate will return on Wednesday, August 15 and at 5:30 pm will vote on the confirmation of Marvin Quattlebaum to the Fourth Circuit, with no intervening cloture vote, this will be a direct vote on confirmation.

People here like to use Senator McConnell as a punching bag, but he has actually gotten a good deal. Extracting 7 expedited nominees for about 7 days of recess is a very good bargain.

Congratulations and thank you, Senator McConnell.

And very glad to see District Judges confirmed, they are desperately needed.

By voice vote, en bloc, the Senate confirmed these nominations:

— Emily Marks, to the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Alabama;
— Jeffrey Beaverstock to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Alabama;
— Holly Teeter to the U.S. District Court for Kansas;
— Colm Connolly to the U.S. District Court for Delaware;
— Maryellen Noreika to the U.S. District Court for Delaware;
— Jill Otake to the U.S. District Court for Hawaii.

Trump now has a grand total of 51 Article III confirmations as of today:

1 Supreme Court Justice
24 Court of Appeals Judges
26 District Court Judges

Glad to see McConnell get off of his ass and get something done. These are good confirmations.

I agree. Good post.

Thanks…McConnell has been part of the problem for too long.

I disagree, McConnell has been moving both Republican nominees and the Republican legislative agenda along at about as fast as a pace as the antiquated Senate rules permit.

In any event, criticize him or not, if you put anybody else in the same post, given the Republican’s scant 51 to 49 majority, and you would quickly find they would do no better than McConnell.

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They shouldn’t get a recess in August. They should get the same holidays we do.

Why do you do this to me?

What’s the word on the new justice?

No word at all on when confirmation hearings will take place. Everything is up in the air at this point.

At the very minimum, as a condition of taking ANY recess in August Congress should have:

  1. Completed all appropriations bills (or at least a year long omnibus) for the upcoming fiscal year.
  2. Completed any recurrent authorization bills for the upcoming year, such as the Farm Bill and the NDAA.
  3. Extended the debt ceiling sufficient to get through the next fiscal year.
  4. Completed any other mandatory budget business necessary to keep the government running through the end of the next fiscal year.

I have never made that accusation. I have also called Republicans out in the past for sandbagging Obama’s judicial nominees.

I was just noting here the benefit REPUBLICAN’s received from this deal.

Yes, Democrats benefit, but primarily through the 10 days of August campaigning now available to them.

I was not denigrating Democrats with this thread.

Why are they taking an extra vacation? Why is our congress people simply showing up to work a bargaining chip, without the people who recognize this is being done being outraged?

Not to be partisan or anything, but I’m Pro-Senators going to work. I really don’t see why going to work vs going on recess should be used for ones political advantage.

Mind your shoulder.

I agree. They have a lot of work to do.

They need to get on with it.