McCASKILL ON MIDTERMS: ‘I Don’t Really Care’ if Democrats Retake Control of Congress

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Vulnerable Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill publicly admitted Monday night she “doesn’t really care” if Democrats retake control of Congress during the 2018 midterm elections; confusing party insiders and supporters just hours before voters head to the polls.

The Missouri legislator was speaking with reporters on the eve of her high-stakes election when she was asked to comment on the possibility of her party retaking one or both houses of Congress.

“Honestly, I don’t really care what happens nationwide,” McCaskill said. “Um, that’s not how I look at elections. I care about what happens in this state. I care about whether or not the people of this state have a representative that is willing to work in the middle. Whether the Republicans control or the Democrats control, it takes 60 votes. So it doesn’t change that much.”

“I don’t really see a huge difference in terms of the work of the Senate, whether it’s 51-49 Democrat, or 51-49 Republican,” she added. “And I’ve been there both ways.”

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