McCASKILL ON MIDTERMS: ‘I Don’t Really Care’ if Democrats Retake Control of Congress | Sean Hannity

Vulnerable Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill publicly admitted Monday night she “doesn’t really care” if Democrats retake control of Congress during the 2018 midterm elections; confusing party insiders and supporters just hours before voters head to the polls.

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Sounds like the typical nervous democratic response. She’s just saying what she thinks she has to say to sway a few republicans and independents to vote for her. She will always fall in line behind Schumer and Pelosi and do what she’s told and it will just be more resist, resist, resist. I am sick of paying democrats to do nothing but cause problems, vote against everything that our President is trying to do on behalf of the country and those who elected him. Politicians are elected to work for the country and those who elected them not for the betterment of their party and to line their pockets with money from those trying to buy their votes. It is obvious to me who the democrats care about and America, it is not you. ONLY WAY TO GO IS REPUBLICAN, PRESIDENT TRUMP HAS PROVEN TO ME WHO HE IS WORKING FOR. ONLY WAY TO VOTE FOR AMERICA AND AMERICAN CITIZENS IS TO VOTE RED!!

She’ll say anything. I’m originally from Mo. And I am proud of my heritage and the “show me” philosophy that still lives on in Mo.