McCarthy Threatens Endless War With Conservatives

So, he is NOT a conservative. We should all remember that in the next primary…

Well that’s helpful.

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You left a little bit out of there, didn’t ya Ceasar?

Reportedly, and according to rumors swirling around Capitol Hill, McCarthy and the GOP establishment are preparing to negotiate a deal with Democrats to make McCarthy or a “consensus candidate” the next Speaker of the House.

Don’t let the left get in your head.

That crap could’ve been written right here in hannityland by some of our “proggie leftists”.

Don’t fall for this crap.


I have no use for him, but this:

“I’m assuming this is in addition to Ukraine,” Gaetz added.

…is a great quip.

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Except that the article lies.

What he was alleged to have said was “I am going to fund an endless war.”

He said NOTHING about against conservatives.

The National File blatantly lied and added that in themselves.

And anyway, what makes the 20 more “conservative” than the 201???

The Republican Conference choose Kevin McCarthy for Speaker. If they can’t accept that, they should resign from the Republican Party and Republican Conference and become Independents.

Then they can vote any ■■■■■■■ way they like.

If your going to stay in the Republican Conference, you vote with your conference on organizational and procedural votes.

Keep this up and you won’t have to worry about electing a Speaker in 2024, the American people will smack you back into the minority.

If the Republicans want to stay in the majority, I suggest these asshats get in line with their conference and shut the ■■■■ up.

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I dunno man…isn’t Jordan getting more votes? Maybe it’s time for the conference to back the winning candidate.

Why would they vote for someone who doesn’t want the job? Seems the same thing happened to Ryan.

Turned him from hero to dud in two short years.

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That’s a good point. Maybe Jordan should take to the floor and make it himself.

It sure is interesting that some folks latch onto labels handed out by a far-right publication that has a history of publishing Covid-19 conspiracy theories.

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If the guy doesn’t have the votes, he should quit running.

This “toe the line and vote for the consensus” is how we ended up with McCain, Romney as presidential candidates, and how Mitch stays in the senate….

No thank you.



Weird. We get accused all the time of blindly following our leaders, Trump, Levine, Fox, etc.

When we don’t do that we are asshats, we should leave the party, we should fall in line, we should just shut up!

Interesting we really aren’t the lemmings the left says we are…but think for ourselves…

The left is good at all those things, they all tow the line, group think, all that.

It’s NOT a crisis. Just as a “government shutdown” is NOT a crisis. I submit all of this is a GOOD thing, and healthy for the party, and especially for the cause of freedom.

The problem is not us, it’s the GOP is not listening to us. THEY are the problem. We tire of their overspending, causing inflation, over taxation, and too much government intrusion in our lives. The leadership lately has gone along with legislation from the democrats that raised out taxes, sicked 87,000 IRS agents on the middle class, and spent another 1 1/2 trillion we can’t afford, increasing again inflation.

The problem is not us, it’s them insisting on fighting us tooth and nail to have them govern more conservatively as we elected them to do. They TALK conservative when they want our votes, and ignore us after. Well, we don’t like it.

It’s not a crisis. It’s a roadblock to them running over us. They want to lord over us, not serve us. If there’s 200 votes and lord McCarthy still doesn’t win, it’s not a crisis, it’s the swamp ignoring us and lording it over us. The country is not going to implode. If it was such a huge thing, why didn’t they hash it out 2 months ago? No, they want to do it last minute, fake like it’s the end of the world, and shove it down our throats. NOPE!

This can go on for months and it’s not a crisis, but it is proof they want to lord it over us. It’s proof they really are the swamp, RINO’s, and deep state bent on wars we shouldn’t be in both dems and republicans, and spending they all will end up getting rich on.


As I mentioned on the other thread

According to ONLY ONE GOP House member is further left than McCarthy.

Heritage says he votes with his own party only 53% of the time (89% is avg.)

C’mon guys. Pick someone from the party’s center


Magnificent post!!

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So what exactly is the big hurry?

I enjoying watching a genuine public debate for a change.

Let’s give them at least a week to sort it out. If McCarthy is a leader…he will make it all work.


Good point.

Unfortunately these days they are not EVEN talking about spending cuts.

The recent (10-20 year) past of the GOP has been

  • Talk about spending cuts . . . but work only on bedroom issues and tax cuts.
  • Talk about spending cuts . . . but work only on bedroom issues and tax cuts.
  • Talk about spending cuts . . . but work only on bedroom issues and tax cuts.

These days they aren’t even doing the first part.

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I don’t get why so many house members think a guy with a 53 percent favorable voting record (conservative speaking) is indispensable.



Personally, I think

  1. McCarthy should be rejected because he is on the far left of the party. He is inappropriate. He will move the party and the country in the wrong direction.
  2. The door should be shut on him HARD so that all ambitious members of the GOP know "The road to leadership does not lie in compromising with the D’s. In fact more nearly the opposite is true. "

If there are just 5 Republicans supporting McCarthy as stubborn as the 20 hold outs against him, then there will never be a resolution other than a coalition with Democrats…on their terms.
Normally, the ones with the lowest vote withdraw, not with the most votes.

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I mean, make no mistake: I am having fun mocking them, but in reality, this is a tempest in a tea pot. It’s okay if it takes a while.