McCarthy planned to tell Trump to resign

and of course he lied about it.

To review -

Book comes out claiming McCarthy was so disgusted by trumps jan 6 actions, he was going to tell trump to resign.

McCarthy denies ever saying such a thing and claims the book is a lie.

Audio tape is released on which McCarthy tells other republicans he is going to tell trump to resign.

What a spineless lying little ■■■■■■■

A spokesperson for McCarthy did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The California Republican had responded to the reporting by Burns and Martin earlier in the day by calling it “totally false and wrong,” though his statement did not address specifics. Spokespeople for Cheney and the Jan. 6 select committee declined to comment.

The call underscores the degree to which GOP leaders were preparing to abandon Trump in the aftermath of the attack — only for McCarthy to rapidly veer back into Trump’s fold. McCarthy, who sharply denied plans to recommend Trump’s resignation before the tape was released, has since become one of Trump’s staunchest defenders and worked to stymie congressional investigations into the Jan. 6 attack. He warned tech companies of potential retaliation if they cooperated with House Jan. 6 investigators and he pulled the plug on the prospect of a 9/11-commission-style investigation of the attack, despite having deputized a Republican lawmaker who forged a bipartisan proposal.

For McCarthy, the appearance of the audio recording from the days following the attack could weigh on his bid to become the next speaker of the House, a possibility if Republicans retake the chamber, as they’re now favored to do.


Another of the after effects of the Trump years…politicians now have to lie about stupid things, even though they are probably 99% sure the evidence is out there that they lied.

To show fealty to the crown.

Spineless worm with no moral compass except for the accumulation of power.

While Pelosi was parading a coffin around the capitol, feeding the lib sheople what she wanted regurgibleated like libs did here in Hannity Land, McCarthy for a moment…bought into it. Then, like many among us that have our eyes and ears open… he saw this sham for what it was and what it is.


Well, no.

McCarthy lied.

Sorry that’s hard for you to admit.

K…and repeat after me…orange man baaa, baaa, baaad. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

McCarthy should have hired you to be his spin master.

This might have worked rather than him telling an outright lie.

Although…no one seems to care when politicians lie anymore so…

Today’s GOP has learned they don’t have to put in the hard work of spin…they can just lie.

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This thread is about McCarthy lying.

I know…like what Pelosi did, on national television…lying to the entire nation and just look at this thread and yourself, you don’t care.

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And just pointing out, on this recorded call was liz Cheney.

McCarthy kicked her out of power for voting to impeach trump a week or so after he told her and others trump should resign.



Start a thread about it. This one is about McCarthy.

debunked/ thread kill


No he did lie.

If he had said what you spun, he wouldn’t have been lying, but he lied this time.

For me, you’re right…but of course you won’t understand why because you think everyone chooses a team just like you do.

The truth is, I wouldn’t know for sure but what i do know, is what I said. Pelosi, Schumer and company lied big time and purposefully distorted this whole affair for no other reason, than to keep Trump out of the WH forever more. The January 6th commission she initiated and didn’t allow the minority leader to select the Rs making this an actual bipartisan panel PROVES this whole thing is a sham!

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did somebody say russia?

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Just another spineless weasel leader of the Republican Party caught in a lie.

Maybe he just forgot…


I don’t like McCarthy, I never did. I don’t want him for speaker.

…nor do I. He reminds me of Lindsey Graham…just put on the fake mask of the day to fit into the group you’re pretending to be a part of.

you guys always fall for the left wing spin of the masters

this is nothing new, its been out there a long time. mccarthy was asked a hypothetical question and he answered saying what he “would” do, not saying what he “will” do. he “planned” on doing nothing.

so gullible