McCabe: Trump called North Korea missle test intellegence a "hoax"

McCabe wrote that Trump called the launch of the long-range missile a “hoax,” telling officials he knew North Korea did not have the ability to launch that type of missile “because Vladimir Putin had told him so.”

The WH writes this off with a statement that McCabe "has no credibility and is an embarrassment to the men and women of the FBI and our great country.”

However this sounds so much like Trump’s statement in Helsinki: “I have great confidence in my intelligence people, but I will tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today,”

If McCabe is correct, this is just another example that should give every American pause. I will say it again. Trump has been compromised by Russia.

damn. that’s actually scary.

we elected a president that doesn’t believe in, you know, reality.

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This is terrifying. Trump represents a clear and present danger to our national security. Someone should consider the 25th Amendment here.


Whether McCabe’s correct or not, he divulged information that he could have only heard having the clearances that he did. What a turd and it exposes exactly who he is and what he stands for which isn’t…the rule of law. Say bye and I hope his jail cell door does hit him in the ass.

so, basically what you’re saying is it’s not the person’s fault that actually said the stupid/dangerous thing it’s the guy who told us about it.

here, let me help. it’s both their faults. and it’s the voter’s fault for putting such an unintelligent man in the White House.


They are mutually exclusive events, each having their own problems with in them. I simply pointed out the other one.

Remember when the ends justified the means when it came to releasing all the Hillary e-mails that were taken through nefarious means?

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And refused to discuss the one that makes Dear Leader look really, really stupid.


Well that is simply false. The President works for us. If he is a danger to our national security by refusing to accept our intelligence assessments, and instead take the word of our sworn enemy, then we the people, as his employer, deserve to know the truth.

I thought you supported more transparency in government?

Of course you did.

In my opinion tons of comments are simply to protect the president. And being that he’s our servant, that’s exactly opposite of the way it should be.

I don’t really care if it is revealing information “he only heard because of his clearances” (Which, being that it was not classified information, he has no legal liability for) - but if the President is an unqualified possibly treasonous idiot, I sure as hell want to know about it.

And besides, we all know you wouldn’t have said a word were it about Obama.

So transparent

I mean the guy lives and breathes Fox News. How can he believe in reality?

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Yeah, remember when he could even do the scripted damage control statement on the Helsinki thing without adding “it coulda been somebody else!” at the end?

It’s soooooo unbelievable he’d believe Putin over his own government.

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I believe a poster here may have said at one point in time that any information potentially embarrassing to the president should be considered classified since embarrassing our president is itself a national security risk.

Yup, I remember seeing that post.

It doesn’t really matter how the content was accessed. McCabe was just doing what the press should have been doing if it was doing its job.

McCabe isn’t credible to Trump or his supporters until he is.

They loved his 25th amendment story.

As far as I know the press isn’t invited to sit in on intelligence briefings.