McCABE’S MISSION: Disgraced FBI Official Claims ‘Trump Dossier’ was ‘Accurately’ Represented

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Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe doubled-down on his handling of the so-called ‘Trump Dossier’ in obtaining FISA warrants during the 2016 presidential election; saying the material was “accurately” represented to the courts.

“I do believe that we adequately notified the FISA Court of the information we were using, and what we thought of the information,” McCabe said over the weekend.

“I think everyone was satisfied that we had represented that accurately and adequately in the package,” he added. “I do think we represented it adequately”

McCabe was abruptly fired from the DOJ in March 2018 just days before his scheduled retirement from the agency; asserting he was removed from the bureau due to the Trump administration’s “ongoing war with the FBI.”

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