McCabe Officially Off the Hook

Lol…its just so stupid…this whole trump era is just dumb…lol

Really surprised Trump hasn’t rage tweeted yet. He must not know.

Not really. It’s not the “Deep State.” And he’s not exactly off the hook. The investigation is on going. Here’s the no spin reality. The IG found that McCabe “lacked candor” on four occasions. Lacking candor is the term that they use for government officials. Lying and perjury are the terms they use for everyone else. Nobody gets prosecuted for “lacking candor.” Right? We seldom prosecute high ranking government officials. And we never prosecute liberal ones. That’s not who we are.

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McCabe will not be prosecuted. Nor will anyone else in the Obama circle. This is either because they did nothing wrong, or because they did so much wrong that if disclosed it would shake the foundations of our liberty.
Lady Liberty a forgotten subject even amongst lovers of France.

Give the prosecutions of those in the Trump Orbit he must be corrupt. Why would his associates all get prosecuted while those in the DOJ and FBI do not.

It is clear there were Fisa abuses, but no consequences so far.

Or perhaps McCabe was just following orders and therefore did nothing wrong. Just speculation.

based on what we know today, All the Obama supporters are saints and all the Trump supporters are vile.

in such a case, all the accusations of substantiated misconduct are just distractions from Trumps corruption.

sadly these bastards actually rise above the law

Of course they won’t. That’s why his statements were described as “a lack of candor” rather than perjury or lying. Nobody has ever been prosecuted for “a lack of candor.” And we simply don’t prosecute high ranking government officials anyway. Especially liberal ones. That’s not who we are. Are we barbarians?

Whose in charge of the justice dept?
POTUS should tweet to that person his edicts :us::elephant:

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Do you know how weak a case has to be for a federal grand jury not to return a true bill.

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Google it.

The IG report said that “he lacked candor” four times. Nobody gets prosecuted for lacking candor. Only for lying or perjury. And government officials don’t get prosecuted period.

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Look at these tears. Someone get me a tiny violin.

Guess the DEEEEP STATE wins again. :rofl:

Because no way Trump & Co would lie to their supporters.

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Trump sure is failing at draining the swamp along with his $1trillion deficits

Who woulda thunk it


McCabe going to get his pension back plus damages after everything is said and done.

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Soros controls all.

The Deep State wins again.

I have an indirect connection to a federal grand jury and for that court it’s happened once or twice in the past four years or so. “No true bill” is a shockingly rare anomaly. It’s like February 29th but not as regular. It almost never occurs.

cry moar cons…

gnash those teeth…


You have nothing

You can’t beat him.