McCabe Officially Off the Hook

Deeeeeep state

Why did prosecutors quit over Stone again? This isn’t about Barr. It’s about career employees…who have become political and hold themselves above the law.

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what does Stone have to do with McCabe not being charged by the DOJ.
You would think Barr the acting AG could possibly do that if he wanted.

Why did those career prosecutors quit over Stone? If you can answer that honestly, it exposes more of what just took place with McCabe.

Here people…I’ll let our esteemed host and Michael Flynn’s lawyer explain my concern;

There’s no bias there :roll_eyes:

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That’s not why they quit. Projection noted

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The deep state forced Flynn to lie!


Simply out of curiosity, if your 401K is rockin, what aren’t you able to not care about? By that I mean what are things you couldn’t overlook with a 10-12 percent annual return?

Does the DoJ make official announcements through defense attorneys?

Off the hook for this crime, :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Coups have consequences!

Lie about lying.

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You and the people behind that Yourubr video are ignoring some things.

Michael Flynn did a little more than tell a little dub that he’s being unfairly nailed to the wall for.

There are two sworn statements from Flynn and they are diametrically opposed from each other, completely incompatible.

While he was secretly on the Turkish payroll, he was advising the President on matters involving national security and later forming official policy that involved Turkey. Flynn received Too Secret briefings while secretly working for the Turkish government.

He plead down to lying to the FBI and avoided nite perjury and foreign agent charges.

He had a nice deal all set up until he started believing the CEC conspiracy folk and his All Star conservative legal team has managed to screw that up so bad the AG has to come in and save Flynn from Sidney Powell.

Good lord, what an embarrassing â– â– â– â–  show. What a spectacle, and not for thr reasons Republicans would have you believe, which is that being a traitor is ok and a justice system stacked in your favor is persecution. And then conservative legal practice, another example of the death of expertise.

The Founders you lot selectively fetishize would have had Flynn swinging from a tree the same day for being a traitor and the President right neighbor him.


Don’t forget the part where he worked to sell Saudi Arabia a bunch of nuclear technology for profit while working as National Security Advisor. Basically working to circumvent US law surrounding the transfer of nuclear tech to a foreign country for money.

I don’t know why people support this guy.

Because at a Trump rally he led a chant to “lock her up”

The irony. Why do people that Trump* surrounds himself with end up getting arrested? It’s gotta be that DEEP STATE. Totally.

That makes zero sense. Unless they were trumps bodies and he doesnt have any am I right? If they were Obama’s bodies wouldnt trump or Barr be happy to dig em up

Is this what you believe?

interesting… that’s the same thing Mcabe did.

I am referring to Flynn wanting to withdraw his guilty plea.

It means that he was lied about lying.

Which honestly opens up the legal question that if he knowingly lied to obtain his plea deal then what does that entail?

There’s no conspiracy here, there’s no “deep state” plot. There’s not even a two tiered justice system involved in this decision. There are only two relevant facts that control it.

  1. A DC grand jury will never indict anyone for anything if they are perceived to be anti-GOP. Scooter
    Libby was indicted for saying “I don’t recall”. More importantly he was indicted for being tied to Bush/Cheney. McCabe did worse, but he’s anti Trump, so… no indictment.

  2. There’s a bit of circling the wagons involved here. What McCabe did is nothing new for the FBI or DoJ. An indictment against him is an indictment against some of the more questionable practices employed there. Like secretly approving “leaks” denying it and then claiming to investigate where the leak came from while they decry the “leak”. McCabe is one of there own. A bit of “we take care of our own” enters into this.