McCabe Officially Off the Hook

Well, we all know what this means.

The conspiracy deepens.


Dammit. :thinking:

[insert meme]

All this post needs are some pompoms and a quiet place to park.

  1. And he was impeached once.

Is this an example of “equal justice under the law” IYO?

Yes… you got suckered…again… oh well…

I don’t know ask your boy Barr he is the one letting him off the hook.

Deeeeeep state

Why did prosecutors quit over Stone again? This isn’t about Barr. It’s about career employees…who have become political and hold themselves above the law.

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what does Stone have to do with McCabe not being charged by the DOJ.
You would think Barr the acting AG could possibly do that if he wanted.

Why did those career prosecutors quit over Stone? If you can answer that honestly, it exposes more of what just took place with McCabe.

Here people…I’ll let our esteemed host and Michael Flynn’s lawyer explain my concern;

There’s no bias there :roll_eyes:

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That’s not why they quit. Projection noted

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The deep state forced Flynn to lie!


Simply out of curiosity, if your 401K is rockin, what aren’t you able to not care about? By that I mean what are things you couldn’t overlook with a 10-12 percent annual return?

Does the DoJ make official announcements through defense attorneys?

Off the hook for this crime, :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Coups have consequences!

Lie about lying.

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