Mayor Pete to appear on Fox Town hall

Wow! hasn’t anyone told him that Fox hates gays? Yes, I know that FOX has at least two gay commentators and one gay anchor but still, aren’t they supposed to be the voice of homophobia? Crazy stuff.

What he has shown, is that he wants a large audience. Which he will get a FOX. And he has also shown that he has more guts than, the AOC, Omar, Tlaib, Miss Nancy and the entire DNC. Good for him!

You seemed really concerned about people’s sexuality. Good for Pete, seems like he gains supporters no matter the venue.

Don’t over think things Cynic. You’ll injure your brain. If you have a question, please feel free to ask. I will give you a 100 percent truthful answer as to my views. No reason to rely on what “seems” when you can find out what “is.” Fair enough? :man_shrugging:

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If Lindsey Graham can appear on Fox, anybody can. Good for 'ole Pete.


He can and does. What what does that have to do with Pete?

Going on Fox! Oh for Pete’s sake. :sunglasses:


Use your imagination.


Mayor Pete is cool.

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You tell me, you are the one who was compelled to label everyone as gay or not.

Oh. I get it! You want me to “out” Lindsey Graham. Well if he’s gay and want’s to out himself, then it’s his call. If He is not, then that’s his business too. Either way it’s a private personal decision that people should not meddle with. Who cares?

I don’t want you to “out” Lindsey Graham. It’s absolutely his personal decision that nobody should meddle with. Let’s hold that thought for a moment.

Why do you care that Pete is gay by the way? That seems to have been an important point of emphasis in your OP. As you say, who cares?

I didn’t. The ones who I am thinking of have already announced themselves as gay. But I agree with you, that I am indeed a very bad man. So I guess there is nothing let to discuss but the topic. Damn. I hate that.

Groan… and here I thought I couldn’t like you any less…

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Your Freudian slip name…now…makes perfect sense. :sunglasses:

Why are you a bad man?

I am simply observing that the big takeaway you had from Pete going on Fox was “he’s gay”.

Observation noted.

I agree that Mayor Pete is smart person. If you’re going to reach out to conservative voters you’re going to have to go to where they’re at. I feel that more Democratic politicians should be willing to appear on Fox News. If their policy positions are so great they should be able to sell them to the American people. Don’t allow your opponents to frame your positions; go out and be proud to advocate for what you support.


Yep. The DNC needs to get over their FOX-a-phobia and tap into this large audience. The future belongs to the bold.

Bernie Sanders has already appeared on the network, drawing the biggest television audience of any 2020 Democratic candidate so far. Amy Klobuchar has a Fox News town hall-style event next month. Julian Castro is close to signing on. Senators Kirsten Killibrand and Cory Booker have said they’re open to the idea of appearing on Fox.

Seems like a popular idea. I’m glad more Democrats are doing this.


Kinda sticking it in the eye of the DNC. Maybe they saw the Bernie townhall and believed what they saw rather than DNC paranoia?