Mayor of Wall Street

Was it a conflict for a person whose business was based on servicing Wall Street to be the Mayor of Wall street?

if yes, why?

If not, why?

Link? Do you have some sort of data and information to encourage a discussion here? What are you trying to say? Mayor of Wall Street? Is that an actual thing?

Since he/she didn’t provide a link, we can only speculate.

I found this, perhaps it’s what bootz is referring to.

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Wall street is associated with New York city. Financial capital of the world. Center of Globalism.
Bloomberg was Mayor is NYC and therefore Wall Street for 12 years.

I did not hear much about conflicts of interest in MSM during those 12 years. But I do hear much about Trump and conflicts of interest.

I just wonder why the double standard

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What power does the Mayor of NYC have over regulating the financial industry?


Double Standa( R)(D). :man_shrugging:

Ah, so he wants to reign in his former stomping ground? Which could be seen as hypocritical maybe?

What does the Mayor of NYC have to do with the SEC and Federal Regulation of the financial industry exactly? What are the dots you’re trying to connect?

Do you mean because he was the mayor over police who would arrest jaywalkers, then any Wall Street brokers who illegally crossed the road are now beholden to him? I’m not following. Were local health department codes not followed at the favorite broker restaurants?

Again, do you have a link or something to allow us to discuss the topic? Or are you just waxing poetically in a stream of consciousness style?

I think the most important thing it was does happen it is what could happen. I am simply applying the standard of guilty till proven innocent that is popular with left leaning political thinkers.

Trump is always guilty because of something he might have intended, regardless of whether he did it.

Clinton raised tons of money while she held office, nothing since then.

what might have Bloomberg done that might have benefitted himself.

did he have any knowledge that might have been beneficial to somebody that was not widely known.

he should be investigated at least because it is possible.

President of the United States, how does Trump control everything and enrich himself.

Trump isn’t slick. He does it in the obvious way - by having the government put people up in his hotels.

it appears at discounted rates, are you implying that his entourage should be homeless in LA?

Not really discounted

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Propaganda apparently works.

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seriously the wapo,

650 is not a high rate in high end hotels.

what do they pay in other hotels?

The administration has only filed two of the six required reports about the secret service spending at Trump properties.

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin has argued that the report on this spending shouldn’t be seen until after the election.

So we know that it is all pretty normal.

you are the master of speculation and conspiracy but you have no data.

four season new York is over 1000 per night.

650 is not much

Still making the excuses about taxpayer money being spent in a way that enriches the President.


did you look mat Obamas gold expenses and dinners in new York with Michelle.

but lets talk about Bloomberg and enriching himself as a wall street insider and mayor.

Wait… we are hitting the classics with the Obama’s date night in NYC?

Man… that was a lot of fuss over a guy I never voted for.

Bloomberg also.

Didn’t vote for him three times.