Maybe we should hit China where it would really hurt em

And ban all Chinese from our universities. Since they rely on American universities to get the drop on development of new technology.

That would have more of long term effect on Chinese economy then anything else…specially when they’re playing the long game.

International student education is something like a 30 billion dollar industry.

You’re saying we will save 30 billion? Excellent.


Yes, banning people based off of race and nationality is always the best way to go.

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This post proves again the pervasive misunderstanding with tariffs. Both sides are hurt by tariffs. Tariffs are not some magical device where China is “punished” and comes around. The US is “punished” as well.


Yeah, if you don’t like a particular government’s trade policy, then try to hurt their citizens every way you can.

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I am not a big fan of tariffs but there were economists that have been sounding the alarm bell way before Trump came down the escalator in 2015 on the trade imbalance with China, as well as currency manipulation and intellectual property theft.

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There are smart ways to deal with those situations. Then there are heavy-handed unilateral Trump actions which appear to be hurting more than the underlying trade and property issues were. I agree action was/is needed. One country, even if that country is the US, trying to bully China into submission is not the way to do it.

Ban a group of people because of their nationality? What could possibly go wrong there?

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Yeah because nobody else in could could possibly have good universities.

There is a serious misunderstanding here.

China has long passed the point where it functions only on theft.

China is innovating and in some fields, it has surpassed the United States in technological prowess.

The United States may need to send students to Chinese colleges in some fields, not the other way around. :smile:


It would be nice to see a coalition take aim at them. I must admit I am in more in Sanders and Warrens camp on China than I am Biden’s. I don’t know the answer to China it seems like a big mess that was caused by big businesses gobbling up slave labor while our government looked on. I am sure I am over simplifying it, but after watching a documentary showing the inside of what I think was the Nike or Apple factory it was disgusting the conditions they work in.

Well that’s an understatement.

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It’s like t let’s think of the dumbest thing possible and do it…


The problem with targeting one country for cheap labor, is that companies simply move to the next poor country. Many companies have already been moving to cheaper labor markets as China’s economy continually increases salaries.

China didn’t force US companies to exploit cheap labor.

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More so caused by Americans never ending need to buy ■■■■ and that ■■■■ be the cheapest they can get it. Business only facilitates transactions, its consumer demand that drives that facilitation.

What’s really funny is one of the biggest markets that is pretty much the exact opposite of that phenomenon, and that is smart phones. We seem to love our really expensive little gadgets.

Even more ironic is how many people fight tooth and nail to keep people from earning a decent wage here, fight against safety regulations, and then turn around and Express outrage at the working conditions in some of these other countries and their standard of living.


With a lot of products, if you streamlined the supply chain, manufacturing process, training, etc, the cost of labor wouldn’t make the product that much more expensive. One of the biggest reasons to get products made overseas is infrastructure.

or we could send em to Trump U…

i mean if we are throwing stupid ideas out

I definitely agree with you that China didn’t force companies to set up in China. Now that we see the damages what is the solution to prevent as you say the next country to take their place?

Why do you think it can or should be “prevented?”